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10 Ways to Naturally Detox the Body

Hello there, Detoxing is a topic close to my heart, largely because I'm passionate about living life with more energy and vibrancy. So many of us feel tired and sluggish and long to spring out of bed in the morning like we once did. Even when we feel we are doing the 'right things', getting enough sleep, eating well, etc we continue to feel tired.One of the underlying reasons we are so tired all the time is that our body is tired from trying to process all the toxins in our life. From environmental toxins, such as pollution and chemical sprays, to fake fragrances, synthetic beauty products and the weird and wonderful chemicals and...

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How to Use Activated Charcoal

Hello there,This week I am going to share with you the amazing health benefits of charcoal and how to use it in your everyday life. I found this topic incredibly hard to condense down into one blog; I own a book that is dedicated entirely to charcoal remedies and there is just so much to say on this topic. Charcoal expert John Dinsley states, 'Charcoal is history, it is poetry and art and it is science. Much more than this charcoal is cleansing and healing for man an nature'.Charcoal has a powerful ability to adsorb toxins, unwanted chemicals, bacteria and poisons. Adsorption is the binding of...

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5 Ways to Detox from Heavy Metals

Happy New Year! I hope you have had a great start to sweet 16! It is often the case that the New Year kicks off with resolutions, new exercise regimes and of course detoxes. Many of us feel the effects of overindulgence during the holiday period and want to cleanse our overused livers from a few too many drinks and not the most nutritious foods. Although it is important to cleanse the body from certain foods and drinks I believe we have a much greater reason to detox our body: In the environment we live in now we are exposed to more chemicals, pesticides and heavy metals than ever before. This is...

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Why Eat Clay + How to Make a Clay Face Mask

Hello there, I have been meaning to write about edible clay for a long time. I tried my first bentonite 'clay shake' about 10 years ago at a place called the Sanctuary in Koh Phangan in Thailand. At the time I was working for a bank in Hong Kong and decided to take myself off for a 7 day detox/cleanse on this small Island off Koh Samui. Among other things, the cleanse involved 4 detoxifying clay shakes a day, which were bentonite clay mixed with psyllium husk and watermelon juice. It might sound disgusting and it does take some getting used to but I have say after my 7 day...

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How to Detox Without Ruining Your Life

Hello there  This week on the blog Dina Savitz, naturopath and fitness and wellness consultant, shares some great detox gems with you. Dina works with women who feel run down and not functioning at their optimal level of health. She helps them discover renewed energy through a healthy diet and exercise plan. Dina has a wonderful health kickstart program staring in June, which you can read more about below. How to Detox without Ruining Your Life - Dina Savitz. The word detox may bring up a range of emotions for you – fear, apprehension, disinterest and general negativity, especially since it...

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Why Your Body Will Thank You For Eating Algae + Raw Spirulina Protein Balls

What is Algae? Algae is Latin the word for ‘seaweed’ and refers to a simple plants that live in the water (either sea water or fresh water). Unlike plants living on land they lack characteristics such as leaves, roots and other organs. Algae can range from mcroscopic in size (these are referred to as micro algae) to giant kelp, which can grow up to 65 metres in length. Blue Green Algae, although called algae are actually a bacteria often referred to as cyanobacteria Algae grow through photosynthesis and are very efficient at this process. They utilise light energy from the sun,...

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