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Folate v Folic Acid – The Important Difference for a Healthy Baby

Hello there, This week I am delighted to welcome Naturopath Tasha Jennings to the Nourishing Hub to talk about Folate and Folic Acid. I have been very patiently waiting to introduce Tasha's conception and pregnancy product to you and I'm just delighted it arrives on the Nourishing Hub next week (pre order is available here). The supplement is called Zycia (meaning 'life') and has been developed with the latest research into prenatal nutrition combining a comprehensive range of important vitamins and minerals. Zycia Natal Nutrients contains an active form of folate - why is this so important? I'll let Tasha explain...Folate v Folic Acid - The Important Difference for a Healthy BabySo you want to have a baby, congratulations!  You’ve probably been told by now by friends, family, GP’s and the media about...

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Natural Ways to Increase Male Fertility

You may be asking why, on a website dedicated to Women’s Health, is the focus on male Fertility? While I don’t want to generalize it seems more often than not the woman takes the lead (and feel responsible) for managing fertility in the relationship and woman are usually the driving force behind men’s preparation for conception. To date there has been a huge focus on women’s fertility preparation, however it is equally important for men to be preparing their bodies for conception too. According the American Pregnancy Association male fertility factors contribute to approximately 50% of all infertility cases, and...

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