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Gift Ideas For Mumma Bear

Hello there, It's nearly that time again where we celebrate our Mumma's, or if you are a Mumma, hopefully, someone is celebrating you!These are our favourite products, all of which are made from 100% natural ingredients, are chemical free and are lovingly made by people who really care about what you put in and on your body.  Enjoy 10% off all products ordered before Mother's Day (May 7th) - simply enter the code MUMMA.   1. The Luk Mother's Day gift setThis is a gorgeous twin pack for mumma. It includes Tea Rose + Chai Shimmer in a calico drawstring pouch with heart gift tag...

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Sale Time, Mother's Day Gift Ideas & Our Sydney Event

Hello there, Oh so many good things to share with you this week!The first being a 20% OFF SALE from today until the end of the ANZAC weekend. The sale applies to everything except anti-radiation phone cases. All you need to do it enter code ANZAC to enjoy the discount. You SHOP HERE.Secondly, I wanted to share with you a special Day Retreat in Sydney on the 1st of May that I would love you join. I am hosting this one day event with Theme Rains, founder of Synthesis Organics at a beautiful seaside residence in Manly. It is shaping up to be a wonderful event...

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Today My Husband Writes the Blog - Father's Day Special

Hello there,This week's blog is a bit of a deviation from the norm, being guest written by my husband James (from here on known as the "Nourished Hubby").With Father's Day just around the corner Simone kindly asked if I'd like to take over the Nourishing Hub blog this week. As I sit here and write it I feel a lot of pressure - she does such an amazing job with the Nourishing Hub blog and I really don't want to drop the ball!My inspiration for the blog is my two beautiful daughters, specifically 5 things that I have learned since having children just...

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8 Valentines Day Loves + take $10 Off

Hello there, I hope you're having a beautiful weekend! We spent our Saturday morning at the lovely monthly Pyrmont farmers markets here in Sydney, indulging in all of the delicious local fresh seasonal food and artisan treats. I got to buy my fresh greens, hubby got his coffee and the kids had a great time running around in grass but the sea, we even managed to avoid any major meltdowns - hurrah! So here we are in February already and next weekend it's Valentine Day. When it comes to Valentines Day people seem to either love it or loath it - either way it can be a...

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The Ultimate Me Time Experience + Your Chance to Win It!

Happy New Year to you! I have had a little blogging holiday but I am back, refreshed and ready for another wonderful year with you!  2014 was the Chinese year of the horse, and for me it felt like the year of the work horse! My two beautiful little people, my business and just keeping up with daily life seemed to consume every spare minute of the day and night. There was plenty of joy but also a lot of hard old slog of which I’m hoping to be able to leave a little behind this year! I don’t think I realised how much I...

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Our Healthy Christmas Gift Guide

Hello there, Ah, can you believe it is Christmas in less than a month! I am certainly not prepared this year and actually think I'm in denial. I keep sending out everyone's orders, thinking oh how lovely they're buying that for Christmas but alas I haven't even started shopping myself.  In this week's post I cringe to say that it's all about the Nourishing Products - "what no recipe or juicy article on health?" I hear you say! I promise this is one of the very few times a year I will be doing some shameless self promotion of the hub - so brace yourself for a bit of a sales...

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Superfood Chocolate Morsels + Healthy Father's Day Ideas + Reader Special

Hello there, So Father's Day is coming up - Sunday the 7th of September in case you needed a reminder :). I was in two minds as to whether to write about healthy Father's Day ideas. When I sounded it out with my sister she reminded me my business is about women's health, not men's. From my experience women make men's health their business, in fact many of the women I know (myself included) almost seem to be more concerned about the health of the men in their lives than their own. If you read on you will see there is good reason to be concerned....I...

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March Newsletter - What Inspires Me

So I've had a good dose of writers block on choosing the topic for the March newsletter. Night after night I hopped around the net and flicked through magazines but no 'eureka' moment came. I called my sister Georgie for a brainstorm and she said 'what inspires you?' Well that was easy, I could think of endless list of things that inspire me in my life - and there it was, the topic for the March newsletter.  A bit of a personal one for the blog this week....what's inspiring me this month. What Inspires me the most? What inspires me everyday (not just in March :)) is nourishing my...

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February Newsletter - Love, Chocolate and Other Treats

Yes It's Valentines and we have lots of things to LOVE about this month!LOVESo it's almost Valentine's Day, people tend to fall into two camps with regards to this date. There are those who relish the excuse to get into the romantic spirit and embrace the chance to make someone in their life feel loved and adored on this day. The second camp are those that cringe at the thought of it; the commercialisation of it, the fact that single people may feel marginalised or left out and generally just how contrived the whole day can feel. I recently thought how amazing the...

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Christmas Beetroot, Apple & Coconut Salad + My Favourite Picks

These are a few of my favourite things... Christmas Beetroot, Apple and Coconut SaladWith Christmas just around the corner I am really getting into the Christmas spirit with lots of baking and making in the kitchen. This recipe just came together with things I had in my cupboards -  but as it turned out, it makes a lovely Christmas salad with beautiful festive red from the beetroot plus white from the coconut and green from the mint. My favourite new food blog to followI do follow a lot of foodie blogs that keep me inspired in the kitchen and in...

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