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Today My Husband Writes the Blog - Father's Day Special

Hello there,This week's blog is a bit of a deviation from the norm, being guest written by my husband James (from here on known as the "Nourished Hubby").With Father's Day just around the corner Simone kindly asked if I'd like to take over the Nourishing Hub blog this week. As I sit here and write it I feel a lot of pressure - she does such an amazing job with the Nourishing Hub blog and I really don't want to drop the ball!My inspiration for the blog is my two beautiful daughters, specifically 5 things that I have learned since having children just...

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Easy Brain Builders For Kids

Hello there, Well it's the last week of school holidays here in Australia and I thought what better time to share a post on Brain Boosting Foods from one of our favourite guest naturopaths Lisa Guy from the Art of Healing.This is such an informative article, full of so many practical tips. You may remember last year we did a post on Easy Brain Builders for Kids, which focused on both mental and physical ways to build children's brains. Today Lisa talks about some of the best foods you can include in your child's diet for optimal brain health. Best Brain Boosting Foods for...

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Last Day for Alexx Stuart's 30 Days to Low Tox Living Course + Her Homemade Coffee Body Scrub

Hi there,  I'm so sorry I haven't sent this to you earlier but I really didn't want you to miss out on Alexx's hugely informative and practical e-course - 30 Days to Low Tox Living. Today is the last day for enrolment but you'll have a full month to ease your way into the plethora of information on offer. This a topic dear to my heart very much underpins what the Nourishing Hub is about - low-tox living and low-tox products free from harmful chemicals and nasties.  Alexx's E course is designed to help you live better, save money and feel...

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My Personal List of Loves this September

Hello there,  Well this month I really felt like  I could have written a book on all the things I've discovered and have fallen in love with . September was just one of those months where everything flowed - I've been to some wonderful events in the wellness space, learned about new products and new recipes, and met some beautiful and inspiring people along the way. I feel full with new energy and passion (maybe it is also because my little one has finally started to sleep well - thank goodness!)  Of course the other thing I love about September is that it's spring! It's hard...

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Be Inspired by Lola Berry + her Epic Raw Banoffee Pie

Hello there, This week I am delighted to introduce you to one of Australia's leading Nutritionists and Author Lola Berry. "Walking the Talk" on Women's health and wellness, this lady is brimming with passion and authenticity. Lola marches to the beat of her own drum; she's down to earth yet has a wealth of knowledge on all things health related.Lola's mission - to become the Steve Irwin of fruits and vegetables (love that!). Lola's bubbly, light-hearted personality shines through on her TV, Radio and Video appearances - you can't help but feel like she's sitting in your own kitchen sharing a few of her...

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How to Detox Without Ruining Your Life

Hello there  This week on the blog Dina Savitz, naturopath and fitness and wellness consultant, shares some great detox gems with you. Dina works with women who feel run down and not functioning at their optimal level of health. She helps them discover renewed energy through a healthy diet and exercise plan. Dina has a wonderful health kickstart program staring in June, which you can read more about below. How to Detox without Ruining Your Life - Dina Savitz. The word detox may bring up a range of emotions for you – fear, apprehension, disinterest and general negativity, especially since it...

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Interview with Danielle Glover + Gluten Free Mixed Seed Bread Recipe

  I met the lovely Danielle from DnA elements when she was recently visiting Sydney.  The first thing that struck me about Danielle was that she was absolutely glowing, her skin was flawless and she was was a picture of health (a great advocate for her organic skincare range).  This woman has a lot on on her plate (a mother of three, a business owner, a compounding pharmacist, a complimentary medicine student just to name a few) as you will read below Danielle takes it all in stride and seems  capable  of anything                ...

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Our Birthday 'Best Of' List - Not to be Missed.

 This week the Nourishing Hub turned ONE - what a journey it has been! I want to extend a HUGE thank you to all of you for supporting the Nourishing Hub, for being a subscriber, customer and for spreading the Nourishing love to others! I am genuinely so so grateful. Without this sounding like an Oscar speech I really want to thank my gorgeous husband James. He's the guy who has liked every single one of my Facebook posts (even when no one else did!) and he has read and reviewed every blog, interview and recipe for me. James has listened to me bat around every idea under the sun for the Nourishing Hub and has supported...

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Eat Yourself Beautiful - 3 Recipes from Lee Holmes

This week we are fortunate to be able to share 3 tasty recipes from Lee Holme's latest cookbook - Eat Yourself Beautiful. We are giving you a wee sneak peek into some of the delicious dishes on offer. To find out more about the author, watch this space for our upcoming interview with the lovely Lee Holmes. Need some inspiration in the kitchen?  Fancy incorporating some Supercharged Food into your diet? Want to Eat yourself beautiful? Well read on......Eat Yourself Beautiful is a guide to achieving inner and outer health and ageless beauty through simple, delicious recipes using nutritionally rich, anti- inflammatory...

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Tackling Tummy Troubles

We are very grateful to have the wonderful Lisa Guy (Naturopath) contribute to the Nourishing Hub blog again this week. Lisa shares some practical tips on improving digestive health. Irritable bowl syndrome (IBS), bloating and indigestion are all health common issues, particularly for women. This informative article provides some useful advice on tackling tummy troubles. Lisa is a well respected Sydney based naturopath, nutritionist and passionate foodie (Lisa also consults online for those farther afield). In addition to operating her 'Art of Healing' clinic, Lisa makes regular contributions to a variety of leading magazines, newspapers and websites, she is also an author of...

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