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Superfood Chocolate Morsels + Healthy Father's Day Ideas + Reader Special

Hello there, So Father's Day is coming up - Sunday the 7th of September in case you needed a reminder :). I was in two minds as to whether to write about healthy Father's Day ideas. When I sounded it out with my sister she reminded me my business is about women's health, not men's. From my experience women make men's health their business, in fact many of the women I know (myself included) almost seem to be more concerned about the health of the men in their lives than their own. If you read on you will see there is good reason to be concerned....I...

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12 Immunity Boosters That Will Keep You Healthy This Winter

Hello Lovely Friend,  You may have noticed I've been a bit absent on the blog recently, I've been enjoying some time out with my family and had wee break in Byron Bay and Bali. I had limited internet on my travels (largely by circumstance) and I actually enjoyed the much needed mini technology break. I wrote about immunity boosters a few weeks ago - ironically my 2 little ones got sick in Bali, so boosting immunity has become even more of a priority in our house.  If you live in the Southern Hemisphere like I do, you're no doubt enduring the chillier temperatures and shorter days (which thankfully are now getting longer)....

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Kefir – The Miracle Milk Your Body Will Thank You For

When researching probiotics I once read that Kefir is like yogurt on steroids. Intrigued by this claim I wanted to know more about this miracle milk! Kefir contains numerous strains of healthy bacteria, making it an excellent probiotic, beneficial for gut health. It also contains a range of vitamins and minerals, and is a good source of protein.  So what is Kefir? Kerfir is a fermented milk product made from kefir grains (which are combination of bacteria and yeast). Kefir is similar to yogurt but comes in a more drinkable form, with a slightly sour tangy taste.The name Kefir comes from...

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Top 5 Natural Sources of Vitamin C - You May Be Surprised!

Did you know there are a whole range of plant based foods with up to 50 times more vitamin C than those typical fruits and veggies renowned for their vitamin C content (i.e. oranges, kiwis, strawberries)?  There is a myriad of Vitamin C supplements on the market, however these are typically made from synthetic ascorbic acid and are usually formulated in a lab. I am a big believer in getting your vitamins and minerals from their natural source, which is why I love the below list of plant based foods bursting with natural vitamin C. Vitamin C has always been well recognised...

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