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Christmas Raw Mango Cheesecake

Hello there, I have always loved mangos. Even during my many years in London where the mangos were flown in from the other side of the world (and tasted like a shadow of a fresh Australian mango), I remained very committed to this beloved fruit! I remember visiting one of my favourite foodie markets in London and meeting an elderly man, stooped under an enormous basket of mangos. He lent in towards me and told me he had cured himself of cancer by eating mangos every day. Who knows the truth in that but I loved his story and it just affirmed my mango...

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Chai Spiced Raw Bars + My Love of Chai

Hello there,  My love of chai began many years ago during my first trip to India. I was backpacking with a friend, completely wide eyed and overwhelmed from the colours, smells, poverty, richness, spirituality and beauty - a complete sensory overload. This was my first memory of trying chai, though it's hard to say whether I could actually taste any kind of spice as it was so ridiculously sweet my spoon could have stood upright in the cup.   I loved having a chai straight from the chai wallah - no plastic cups here just piles of lovely unfired pottery 'disposable' cups. I was pleased to finally use these cups that we bought back from India...

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February Newsletter - Love, Chocolate and Other Treats

Yes It's Valentines and we have lots of things to LOVE about this month!LOVESo it's almost Valentine's Day, people tend to fall into two camps with regards to this date. There are those who relish the excuse to get into the romantic spirit and embrace the chance to make someone in their life feel loved and adored on this day. The second camp are those that cringe at the thought of it; the commercialisation of it, the fact that single people may feel marginalised or left out and generally just how contrived the whole day can feel. I recently thought how amazing the...

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September Newsletter - - Avocado Chocolate Mousse, Spring Cleanse, New Products and More

September is a great month to…… Make an Avocado Chocolate Mousse! My lovely friend Nicky Staples originally introduced me to a variation of this delicious recipe. We made it on one of our wholefood yoga retreats and it was an instant hit.  The recipe is dairy free, vegan and very moreish! No one will guess the main ingredient is avocado!                     Have a Spring Clean –  detox from the inside out The term ‘Spring Clean’ is believed to originate from the Persian New Year (Iranian Norouz) – which falls on the...

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