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5 Sneaky Sugars in Kid's Foods

Hello there,  I meet a lot of parents who are conscious of the need to reduce the amount of sugar their children consume and am very familiar with the challenges this brings. I am also on my own crusade to be as refined sugar-free as possible with my little ones. As a result I have found myself making more creative recipes using sugar alternatives. You may remember my blog on 10 Recipes for a Refined Sugar Free Kids Party and our guest blog on How Sugar Suppresses the Immune System.Avoiding foods with refined sugar for your little ones is not as easy as it sounds. On Monday I flew back from...

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10 Recipes for a Refined Sugar Free Kids' Party

Hello there, Last month my daughter Bodhi turned 3, we celebrated with a houseful of kids and adults and had a fairy and fireman party. It was seriously as nuts as it sounds! I promised myself I'd keep it super simple on the food front this year (juggling two under three and the Nourishing Hub). I really did have good intentions, however, I have finally come to the realisation I can't do simple and I should give up even trying. I made it my mission this year to make everything refined sugar free. I am not militant on being sugar free, I personally...

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Our Birthday 'Best Of' List - Not to be Missed.

 This week the Nourishing Hub turned ONE - what a journey it has been! I want to extend a HUGE thank you to all of you for supporting the Nourishing Hub, for being a subscriber, customer and for spreading the Nourishing love to others! I am genuinely so so grateful. Without this sounding like an Oscar speech I really want to thank my gorgeous husband James. He's the guy who has liked every single one of my Facebook posts (even when no one else did!) and he has read and reviewed every blog, interview and recipe for me. James has listened to me bat around every idea under the sun for the Nourishing Hub and has supported...

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How Sugar Suppresses the Immune System

This week our lovely guest Naturopath Pernille Koldjensen, shares her wisdom on how sugar impacts the immune system, particularly those of children. Pernille has an Advanced Diploma of Naturopathy and practices in Sydney. She addresses health issues using nutrition, supplements and herbal medicine and has an innate desire to help people live healthy and fulfilled lives. Read more about Pernille below.The immune system is a very complex system. There are several factors that contribute to its function and maintenance. The known factors that suppress the immune system are stress, lack of sleep, your mental state, too little or too much...

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