The Low Down on Low Tox Living October 07 2016 by Simone Denny

Hello there,

Recently, when I was on holiday with a friend, she offered me her sunblock for my kids and said, 'you probably won't like what's in that but it works for us'. What people use on their bodies and their children's bodies is a personal choice and their own business. What I will question though is how informed are the choices we are making? Do we understand what the ingredients in our products are and do we know the potential risks associated those ingredients?

The comment sparked interest from her husband - a chemical engineer, who picked up the bottle of sunblock and read the ingredients - he shook his head and said that's pretty bad actually. My friend then replied, clearly agitated - how can companies sell us this stuff if it's toxic for our bodies? How can they be allowed to do that? 

There is a underlying faith in our society that the products we buy from the shop and use on a daily basis are safe and have all been tested to ensure there are no risks to our health. Sadly this just is not the case, our bodies are a complex system and the sheer load of chemicals in our lives is starting to take their toll. Our hormonal systems are out of whack, girls are getting periods younger and younger, thyroid issues are more prominent in women of all ages . There is a rise in auto-immune diseases, allergies and infertility - could the chemical overload be the link? 

Never before have we put such a concoction of chemicals into and onto our bodies - it is impossible to test how all these different chemicals interact together when absorbed into the body. Just think of the combination of chemicals from skin and body care products, chemicals in food, cleaning products, plastic....the list goes on.

It's overwhelming isn't it? I am here to tell you it doesn't have to be overwhelming and there are little things you can do each day to reduce your chemical load - without throwing your hands in the air and saying 'it's all too hard'

What I recommend to anyone who is interested in reducing their chemical load and living a low-tox life is (for you and your environment) is to partake in Alexx Stuart's Go Low Tox 
online course. I have personally done it 3 times and each time I learn something new and applicable to my life. It is an on-going journey 

Some of the things I loved about Alexx's Course

  • Insightful videos with industry experts

  • The supportive and encouraging approach taken by Alexx in sharing her wisdom

  • Practical 'to do' action steps to guide you to go low tox.

  • A simplified way to decode product ingredients 

  • Being informed, understanding what's in your bedding, clothing, your pantry, cosmetics, toys etc, etc - Alexx has it covered

  • A supportive Facebook community all helping to educate each other through the journey

  • Work at your own pace 

This is one course I am a firm affiliate of and have been since the early days. There are loads giveaways and discounts included. I do a detox pack giveaway from the nourishing hub for a few lucky winners.

The course starts on the 17th of October so be quick to book your place HEREI really hope to see you there - it is life changing! 


Simone X

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