Cherry Berry Chocolate Ice Blocks January 15 2016 by Simone Denny 2 Comments

This a great little summer treat for the whole family to enjoy. These Cherry, Berry Chocolate Ice Blocks are quick to make (aside from the freezing time) and are an enjoyable way to get your essential nutrients. They are also an excellent source of antioxidants and vitamin C. 


Dairy Free, Refined Sugar Free, Vegan, Gluten Free


Ice Block

1/2 cup of fresh cherries (pips removed)

1/2 cup of organic blueberries 

1 banana 

1 cup of coconut milk 

Chocolate Dip

3 tablespoons of coconut oil

2 tablespoons of cacao powder

2 tablespoons of 100% maple syrup or rice syrup

Add all of the ice block ingredients to a blender and blend until smooth. 

Pour the mixture into ice block containers (I use Avanti groovy ice block moulds - that really is the name! I use my own wooden sticks with them). Leave them to freeze for at least 4 - 6 hours.

For the dipping sauce - add coconut oil, raw cacao and maple to a pot and heat slowly over low heat until the coconut melted. Mix and allow to cool for about 10 - 15 minutes. 

Remove ice blocks from the freezer. Run them under warm water to remove the plastic moulds. Tilt the chocolate in the pot so it is deep enough to cover the tip of the ice block when dipped. Once dipped in the chocolate, allow them to set for a few minutes. I sat the ice block part over the top of a glass so the chocolate wasn't sitting on anything and could set nicely. 

Return them to the freezer or eat immediately.