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Highly Nutritious Pregnancy Smoothie

People often ask me what I add to my diet during pregnancy, so I thought I'd share my regular preggie smoothie along with some of the essential pregnancy nutrients. I like to try out the products I have on the...

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Delicious Cheats Chai - Dairy Free

So this cheats chai will have even the best chai connoisseurs fooled. I always get asked for this recipe and am slightly embarrassed to say that the base is made from the Byron lose leaf chai mix (absolutely now added...

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Immunity Smoothie - bursting with antioxidants

If you are feeling a little fatigued, perhaps on the verge of catching something or you just want to boost your immunity then this is a great smoothie to kick start your day. It is filled with natural immunity boosters...

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Strawberry Almond Smoothie

This is a great smoothie to start the day with, it's high in fibre so keeps you feeling full longer - plus it's really yummy. Also a great smoothie for anyone who is pregnant, nursing or trying to reduce cholesterol (due...

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Stress Buster Re-energiser Smoothie Recipe

Are you feeling a bit burnt out? Too much stress? Not enough rest? Running low on engergy?  Perhaps the body needs some extra antioxidants to keep up with your  busy lifestye!. The basil in this smoothie is a great anti-inflammatory...

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Fertility/Pregnancy Smoothie

This is a wonderful smoothie if you are trying conceive or preparing the body for conception. It has a wide range of essential nutrients to enhance fertility. Recipe 1-2 Bananas 1 large Mango 1 -2 Kiwifruit (high in vitamin C)...

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Green Alkalising Juice

Kick start your day with this yummy Green Alkalising Juice! Be sure to drink it straight after juicing so you absorb all the live enzymes that are so wonderfully good for you. Juice the following (preferably organic) 1 apple 1...

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Nourishing Hubby Smoothie

Here's a smoothie recipe for male fertility – I like to call it Nourishing Hubby. I've noticed a lot of women focus on their diet and nutrition prior to conceiving, however men need to focus on preparing their body too!...

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Middle Eastern Fresh Fig and Hazelnut Smoothie

This rich creamy smoothie is great for brain health, depression and memory – plus it has a good source fiber, antioxidants, calcium and potassium. Ingredients 3 – 4 fresh ripe figs (fiber, calcium, potassium) 2 bananas 4 dates Pinch of Saffron...

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Liquid Gold Summer Smoothie

This is a seriously delicious smoothie full of goodies! Ingredients 2 bananas 1 large mango 2 passionfruit 1/2 C rice/almond or cows milk 1/2 C natural yogurt 2 tsp loving earth lucuma powder 2 tsp bee pollen 2 tsp hp...

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