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I Quit Sugar - Print Book

$34.99 AUD

What's inside this Print Book

  • A step-by-step program for getting off sugar plus 108 sugar-free recipes!
  • Guidance through various stages of detox and adjustment.
  • Advice on how to lose weight and kill cravings.
  • Lessons on how to stock the fridge pantry and freezer with ready to go sugar-free foods.

More About the Book

Buy the original I Quit Sugar Book here! Inspired by Sarah Wilsons personal experience her work as a health coach and her interviews with the top experts from around the world I Quit Sugar is a step-by-step guide for getting off sugar complemented by recipes to keep you off it for good. The book will lead you through the various stages of detox and adjustment with advice on how to lose weight and kill cravings.

The recipes are designed for minimal fuss and expense and to supply you with ideas for breakfast (to replace the cereal and fruit salad with yoghurt) kids treats sweet treats cakes desserts and smoothies. Learn how to stock your fridge pantry and freezer with sugar-free food ready to go. And the effect afterwards? Most people lose weight up to 50kg in some cases_ just by quitting sugar and changing nothing else in their lives. Others have come off their cholesterol and diabetes medication. Everyone gets a clear head. Its perfect for you if:

  • Youve tried to quit on your own and cant get past the first few days.
  • Youre tired of feeling sluggish bloated and stuck and want to try a new way.
  • You want to lose weight (because yes my program will help you do this too!).
  • You have already quit sugar and are looking for new and exciting sugar-free recipes.

What Others Say About This Book

Heres a few things some folk are saying about it:

Sarah Wilsons I Quit Sugar Cookbook is probably one of the more important food and lifestyle books Ive read. Her research is meticulous and informed yet written with a positive warm and humorous voice. Sarahs love of food shows in her delicious innovative and easy recipes which are a perfect companion to my own non-boombah world! But its Sarahs basic message that counts and one I totally share; you can live well and eat well without sugar.? Jane Kennedy writer producer director actress and foodie Sarahs put gourmet back into nutrition. Her well balanced understanding in the therapeutic value of food personal sugar quitting journey and inventive mind has lead to the creation of these fabulous eats. This ebook is welcomed with open arms. Sarah is truly an inspiration and a gift to the wellness industry. - Nat Kringoudis Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncturist natural fertility educator and blogger.

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