APIWRAPS Beeswax Wraps for Cheese - 1 medium + 2 small

$20.00 AUD

* Please note: Patterns and styles are different for each product (and will not always be what is shown in the picture).

The Cheese Lover Pack is a great gift for a cheese eater in your life - personally, I must always have at least three types in the fridge at any time - this keeps all those little specialty cheese sorted! With three wraps; one medium and two small - the Cheese Lover Pack is perfect for Christmas gifting.

Note! This pack does not include the large-sized sandwich wrap which would be the one to go to for big blocks of cheddar - if you'd like that one included it can be purchased as an add-on - or pop over to Kitchen Basics.

The Cheese Lover Pack includes three wraps in complementing patterns from the same collection.

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