APIWRAPS Beeswax Wraps for Sandwich - 1 Large

$17.00 AUD

* Please note: Patterns and styles are different for each product (and will not always be what is shown in the picture).

One large Apiwrap - The Sandwich Wrap

Large Apiwraps are the most versatile size for lunches, salad bowls and larger vegetables. Big blocks of cheddar cheese will be kept from drying out or sweating, while fresh herbs will stave off wilting for day after day.

Dimensions 30cm x 35cm.

*This is a listing for one single large Apiwrap from the collection chosen -patterns vary and depend on availability, if you have a preference note it in the comments to seller section as you check through Paypal and I'll do my best to find it - but I can't promise, all the collections have limited stock!

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