PuriTEA, Detoxing Tea

$14.95 AUD

This delicious cleansing tea has fresh grassy notes with delicate floral and berry undertones; perfect for any time of the day.

Made with 100% certified organic schisandra, calendula flowers, dandelion root, nettle and cleavers.

Health Benefits

Schisandra(Schisandra chinensis) is a traditional Chinese herb that helps enhance liver detoxification by promoting healthy liver function.

Calendula(Calendula officianalis) is a lymphatic herb that improves lymphatic circulation, which will assist with the removal of toxins from the body. Toxins from our tissues are taken away by the lymphatic system, where they are returned to the bloodstream to be neutralized and eliminated by the liver and kidneys. Calendula also has a choleretic effect, stimulating bile flow to improve digestion.

Dandelion root(Taraxacum officinale) is widely regarded as a supreme liver tonic used extensively by herbalists to improve digestion and stimulate liver detoxification.

Nettle(Urtica dioica) and cleavers (Gallium aparine) are valuable cleansing herbs, both with mild diuretic action, and a stimulating effect on the lymphatic system.


Cup 250 ml
Temperature 100 *C
Tea Spoon 1 heap tsp
Time 4 min

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