Excellent Fitness Blog Posts (Cure your writer’s block!)

A wellness or fitness website is a great way to make money and help others. You can write and monetize so many fitness-related blog posts!

More and more people are searching for ways to improve their lifestyles. Many of them (who may not have previously been interested in lifestyle change) now want to learn more about natural products, increase their exercise and eat healthier. These are all great topics for informative, motivating, and helpful posts.

No matter how much blogging you enjoy, you will experience writer’s block. Everyone experiences writer’s block. This post will help you get back on track if stuck in a rut. There are a lot of topics related to nutrition, fitness, and wellness. If you’re building a health blog, you already have much knowledge in at least one category. You need some inspiration to come up with a topic.

{PS-Just starting to think about a blog? Be sure to check out this guide to starting a fitness blog, too!|Check out this Guide to Starting a Fitness Blog as well!}

Go beyond the basics. Dig deeper into each. Consider including the following topics in each blog post on fitness:

It would be best if you were as specific as you can. You can add research to each workout type if it fits your blog. (For example, a post on triathlon swimming might showcase research about different pacing techniques.

If you do multiple posts on workouts, you could also create a blog series. You can even create a landing page that links to various exercises.

Fitness Posts for Time Management

You want to give your readers time-saving tips or motivational ideas to get them on a regular fitness schedule. Be sure to explain why scheduling time for exercise is essential and why it’s better to mix up your routines than do the same thing repeatedly. More people “want” than do work out. These posts will make readers realize they can maintain fitness for time.

Blog posts about podcasts and workout music

If you’re like me, I feel bad when I forget to bring my headphones for my workout. It’s a great way to pass the time while working out and boost your energy levels. If your readers enjoy podcasts, working out is the ideal time to catch them up.

Remember to link the pro version with your affiliate link if you’re a member of one of these programs. Affiliate revenue is when you connect certain products or services and get a commission if someone clicks on your link and purchases it. These posts can be a source of passive income if you use a good SEO strategy.

The best music apps for working out.

The Ultimate ______ (running CrossFit, Yoga) Playlist.

Best podcasts for long runs.

Listen to these Spotify stations during your workout.

Pandora Stations for Your Next Workout.

How to create a Pandora workout station.

Fitness Tracking Topics

Fitness technology is constantly evolving, so postings demonstrating how to use apps and wearables are beneficial. If you want to provide a tutorial that is easy for non-technical readers, consider including screenshots or instructional videos. Some of these ideas could also be used as affiliate posts.

Consider creating printables to go with or replace these wearables. These make excellent email opt-ins. Try water tracking, step counters, habit checklists, and habit trackers.

Fitness Gear Post Ideas

Affiliate links and sponsored content are a great way to focus on this area. You could include physical products you create yourself (such as a tech-tee for workouts or headbands).

Local Fitness/Wellness Posts

Consider using your local following to your advantage by focusing on posts that highlight local resources. You could also use the opportunity for sponsored posts if you were to talk to small business owners about featuring their business/race/class/etc. or offering direct ad space on your website. You can also use it to connect with local facilities where you want to work in person.

Fitness classes (Boxing, Zumba, etc.)

Outdoor fitness is a great way to stay fit.

Road races and triathlons

Healthy food restaurants

Holistic care practitioners include chiropractors, massage therapists, and others.

Meal Planning Blog Posts

It’s a hot topic and would be good to feature on any nutrition, fitness, or wellness blog. Meal planning is a popular topic these days. Even people who don’t consider themself fitness enthusiasts are interested in it.

Many bloggers will start with the basics. Consider the audience who will see your content. The audience could range from the brand-new triathlete (who would need to take baby steps) to the advanced athlete with their nutrition down pat (but may still need recipes).

Why meal planning is essential.

Saving money by planning your meals.

Best freezer meals for meal preparation.

This is a comprehensive guide for beginners in meal planning. It could be sold as a product, depending on the information it contains.

Start planning your meals.

When is the best time to prepare meals?

The best chicken/fish/beef/etc. Meal prep recipes

How to prepare a meal in X minutes/hours

The best budget-friendly recipes for meal preparation

How to prepare healthy school lunches

Consider postings that are affiliate-style and relate to meal planning. The posts that are above can help you drive traffic to your audience. However, the posts that follow can be optimized for affiliate income.

You can’t do without these essentials for meal planning

Best meal prep containers

The Instant Pot simplifies meal planning

Compare or review meal delivery services such as Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, etc.

Review or comparison of online meal planning services.

Supplement Blog Topics

It is helpful to give information about supplements, especially if you explain the research and why you believe in the product. You may be a wellness expert or a health professional with the expertise to sort through the study. This will help you break the science down in a consumer-friendly way.

Plus, you can use the posts to promote affiliate income or sponsored content.

But remember, readers are looking for the truth, and you want to share your beliefs. So only promote some products you come across just because it might cost you a few dollars. Only promote brands and products that you believe in.

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