From Chronic Fatigue to Wellness Practitioner meet Amy Crawford from the Holistic Ingredient a Tasty Recipe for You

Amy and I met via Instagram. She has more than 30,000 followers who enjoy her food diary. Amy’s story is one of the most inspiring I have ever heard. She explains how Combined Therapy Cocktail has transformed her life.

Amy credits her return to health, now free of CFS, to a whole food, sugar/toxic-free lifestyle combined with extensive energy healing and a range of therapies called CTC (Combined Therapy Cocktail), in which she is a practitioner. Amy, who is now free from CFS, credits her return to health to a healthy lifestyle that includes whole foods, sugar/toxic-free living, extensive energy healing, and a variety of therapies known as CTC (Combined Therapy Cocktail), of which she has become a practitioner. Amy’s whole foods ebook, A Nourishing Kitchen, and her business, The Holistic Ingredient, combine her passion for cooking and food, as well as her toxic-free lifestyle and healing therapies.

Combined Therapy Cocktail

Two-hour treatment to completely transform your life

Would you do it if you knew that you could change the course of your life within two hours and be free from everything that has been holding you back for years?

A little over a year before, I could relate to ALL the bullet points below. After a two-hour life-transformational treatment, I was no longer affected by any of these bullet points.

Fears of spiders Public speaking fears

The feeling of not being good at many things

Fear of being stuck in my career as a recruiter

Fear of the unknown

Feeling stuck and unable to move forward, despite knowing that there is something else out there.

The need to please others


I fear I will never be free from CFS

The belief that I would have a CFS crash every time I felt overwhelmed

The idea that I need 8 hours of sleep per night to function

and believe me, that was not the end of my list.

Over many years, I was plagued by Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I was 39 when I closed my successful business, gave up my independence, and moved in with my parents. I could no longer take care of myself. I was very close to being able to return to full health after a year of living with my parents. Towards the end of my CFS treatment, there was still something in me that would not let go. It wouldn’t let me break free of the illness that had plagued me for so many years. For a few days, I would feel like a million dollars and tell everyone I was finally healthy. My to-do list would spiral out of control, and I’d become overwhelmed. For days, I would be flat on my back. This became a frustrating cycle. It was only after I realized that the process was entirely emotional and had nothing to do with my physical health. At this point, I realized that my emotional and spiritual health was the key to overcoming my final obstacle. I am grateful that I found a Combined Therapy Cocktail.

What exactly is CTC?

Combined Therapy Cocktail is a powerful bundle of therapies that transforms our lives and frees us from all that hinders us from feeling and being amazing. CTC is a personalized “power” session that combines several therapies to get at the root of any limiting beliefs, addictions, illnesses, and negative emotions (you name them) and removes everything. CTC includes the Emotional Freedom Technique, Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Time-Line Therapy, and Reiki. Each session is tailored to address the issues that the client brings.

The next day, I was completely free from CFS. Seriously. After one CTC treatment, I was able to walk away from that debilitating disease (and all the other bullet points) and have never looked back. It was so transformative I can’t even tell you. Is it true that the paralyzing fear of public speaking, which had plagued me for over 20 years, is gone? Gone. Gone is that feeling of not being enough (which made me doubt my ability to build a successful business or write a recipe book). This need to please others (even if I didn’t like myself) by making decisions that would make them happy is gone. It all just disappeared. It was as if I were a completely different person. All of the ‘crap,’ that I had been carrying around with me was gone. I felt empowered and completely free. I felt amazing.

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