How to get rid of frizzy hair in 5 minutes

Curly hair is challenging to maintain, regardless of the effort you make to make your hair appear impeccable. The hair becomes frizzy within a few moments of leaving your house. Several valuable ways to treat curly hair at home help you keep your perfect hairstyle.

We often dismiss curly hair as the consequence of the natural texture; however, this isn’t the reality. The reason for frizz is by lack of treatment. You all need extra attention to deal with the problem face-to-face. With a few tips for prevention to remove frizzy hair. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money on expensive products or treatments at the salon. You need some knowledge about the root of curly hair and some common ingredients to fix the issue. In this post, we’ve discussed curly hair, the factors that can cause it, and some ways to treat frizzy and dry hair. Read on to find out more!

So What’s Causing The Frizz?

In short, the dryness can cause damage. Hair is always thirsty, and when its hydration needs aren’t fulfilled, the cuticles (the most outer portion of the hair shaft, composed of dead cells that help keep your hair healthy and safe) expand to let the moisture in. The excessive moisture in the environment can cause your hair’s cuticles to grow so that if you’ve done it right, it will frizz. Constant dehydration leads to deterioration, making your hair dry and frizzy.

Frizz is an appeal for food and water. There are many ways to control it, beginning by ensuring you eat well and drinking enough water.

Apply the mix to damp hair, starting from the roots until the ends.

Hair tie and cover it with shower caps.

Keep your mask in place for 30 to 45 minutes.

Cleanse your hair and finish with conditioner.

Hot oil massage is among the most effective methods for treating frizzy hair. Oils hydrate and nourish your hair, ensuring it stays clean and frizz-free. There are numerous oils that each have their distinct characteristics. You can decide which oils to use based on the best choice for your hair.

As per the study of 340 participants who participated, 327 were able to complete the questionnaire. Of most of those who participated in the survey, 327 tried a standard scalp massage. The participants stated having massaged their scalps for between 11 and 20 minutes each day and continued to do this for the duration of between 6 and seven months. About 69% of participants said they noticed that the hair loss had either been stopped or regrowth occurred. On average, 7 of 10 participants reported experiencing growth or stabilization of their hair after about 36.3 hours of massage.

Argan Oil For Frizzy Hair

Argan oil is a rich source of unsaturated fatty acids, which aid in repairing and treating damaged hair ( 9). It also aids in preventing splits and makes hair silky and easier to manage.

Coconut Oil For Frizzy Hair

Coconut oil is among the most penetrative oils for hair (5). It has chains of fatty acids which help nourish hair from within, which makes it stronger and healthier.

Almond Oil For Frizzy Hair

Almond oil is abundant in Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant. Properties. Antioxidants combat free radicals that cause damage to hair and keep it healthy. They also act as an emollient that helps keep the moisture in the hair shaft.

Jojoba Oil For Frizzy Hair

Jojoba oil is ideal for people with combination hair that is oily around the root and dry on the hair’s tips. The oil is similar to the natural oils produced from your scalp. It does this by decreasing how much fat is created while providing moisturizing nourishment to your hair’s tips.

Olive Oil For Frizzy Hair

Olive oil can be described as a naturally smoothing conditioner that makes your hair feel smooth and silky ( 9). It’s light, so it doesn’t weigh your hair down and keeps it hydrated. It also combats problems like scalp health and reduces dandruff. It’s suitable to use following the silk protein or keratin treatment.

There are a variety of oils and blends that you can make use of for your hair. You can also create your mix of fats from the above list or use other oils. Relax with a massage using hot oil following the steps listed below.

Place the oil inside a bowl, and warm it in a giant bowl filled with boiling water.

Apply the oil onto your scalp and into your hair. Your scalp should be massaged for 10-15 minutes.

Dip a towel in hot water, then wrap your hair in it. This creates an environment of warmth that will permit maximum penetration.


Warm oil reaches hair shafts, follicles, and hair shafts, making them more supple and healthy. It also creates an outer layer of protection around your cuticles, which seals moisture inside. It helps restore luster to your hair and smoothes cuticles to prevent frizz.

Vitamins For Frizzy Hair

Internal health is equally crucial as external care about hair health. Consuming the proper amounts of protein, vitamins, and minerals is essential to ensure healthy hair growth. Vitamins B-complex, A-complex, C, and E are vital. Making sure your hair is well can be the best way to guarantee the longevity of your hair.

A few studies suggest that low water levels in the body could also cause dry and frizzy hair. Therefore, it is essential to hydrate your body to reduce frizz on your hair.

A Good Haircut

A great haircut is the best method to manage curly hair. Cut your curls every two months to eliminate split ends. Make sure your hair isn’t too long because it is more difficult for humidity to penetrate shorter hair. Removing damaged hair can make your hair appear healthier and more attractive. You may also request your hairdresser to reduce the thickness of your hair to see if it’s too thick.

Shampoo And Conditioner

Find labels that state “moisturizing,” or “hydrating.” Make sure you use a gentle shampoo free of Sulfates. Apply a conditioner that hydrates that you apply from middle-lengths up to the tips of the ends of your hair. Please keep it on your hair for a few minutes before washing it.

Anti-Frizz Products

Using a leave-in conditioner or serum will make a massive difference in how your hair frizzes as you get through your day. A variety of frizz-control products on the market are specifically made for hair with curly curls.

Avoid hairstyles that include shags, blunt cuts, and bobs when your hair is curly. Instead, try a braided bun or simple braids to disguise the curly appearance.

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