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Danielle, from DnA element, was visiting Sydney recently. Danielle’s glowing skin and perfect complexion were the first things that caught my eye. She was also a model of health, a strong advocate for her organic range.

Danielle is a woman who has a lot going on. She’s a mother of 3, a businesswoman, a pharmacist and a student of complementary medicine.

DnA Elements is a company founded by Danielle and Amanda. Both are pharmacists and designers who share a passion for pure, organic, and holistic living. A collection of products for babies and adults without the use of ‘aqua,’ the main ingredient in most organic skincare products was developed after realising that there was a void on the market.

How did you get to where your are today?

I have had a life full of laughter, tears, changes, and travel. Many people ask me how I co-founded an organic skincare business. I can honestly answer that the universe chose the path for me.

I hold a Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences majoring in Biochemistry, Pharmacology, and a Master of Pharmacy. I have been on a lifelong learning journey of the human body and its functions. This has included the chemistry and the workings of drug molecules in the body.

I studied to be a compounding pharmacist (which I do still 2 days a weeks). Compounding is the process of customizing a pharmaceutical product for a patient’s unique needs. It’s wonderful to see so many people get positive results and even cures after conventional medicine failed them.

DnA Elements was a natural progression of what I already did. I still remember the day I left the lab to go into the store and look at the skin care products. I knew the ingredients in every product I made for therapeutic purposes, but I had no idea which ones were in products I put on my skin or that of my children. Even from brands that claim to be “natural” or “organic ‘…., I was horrified by what I discovered. DnA Elements was born when DnA Elements realised there was a large gap in the market. Amanda (the “A” in DnA) and I decided to create a luxury skincare collection based on complete transparency, using only certified organic ingredients.

Each formulation is created from nature, and contains a variety of pure botanicals that nourish, heal, and promote natural beauty. Each of our products is hand-made in small batches, ensuring the highest quality formulation and maximum potency. We believe that the products we use on our skin should be as safe to eat.

Can you tell our readers a little bit more about your beautiful organic baby line?

After I had my third baby, the Baby range was born. I was horrified when I read the ingredient lists on some baby products at the time, including brands that claimed to be “natural” and “organic”. These companies expected me to use their products to care for my newborn. I immediately called Amanda and told her: “We have to create a baby line!” We decided to create a simple organic baby skincare range after recognizing a large gap on the market.

After living in the tropics for a few more years, I became obsessed with coconut oil’s amazing properties. It was only natural to use it as a signature ingredient in the baby range. Coconut oil is known as “the tree of life” in many Asian and Pacific cultures. It not only softens, but it also nourishes, protects, and disinfects the skin.

You’re a very busy woman. A pharmacist, a natural medicine specialist, and a continuing student, you also have three children. How do you manage to balance all of these demands?

The more you accomplish, the more time you have in your day. I find that the key to my success is to be very organised and to stick to routines and deadlines. I also take time every day to find inner stillness, and to refocus on what’s important, whether it’s work, family, or myself.

I’m lucky to be able to balance my work and family life so that I can spend as much time with my kids as possible. Since they are only young for a short time, I make every effort to spend as much time with them as possible. They will always come first in my priorities (although I am passionate about holistic health and organic skin care). Let’s not forget the occasional meltdown of my mother! When I feel myself getting a little overwhelmed, it’s time to slow down and take a breather.

What makes you happy?

It’s a cliché, but there’s nothing better than watching my children grow up healthy and happy. When we are all together, playing cards or board games, telling stories about our day or dancing silly, I am truly happy.

What are some of your personal habits for maintaining a healthy body?

As a pharmacist I see many people who are not well, both physically and mentally. Every week, I work closely with a clinic for mental health. I am familiar with the devastating and debilitating effects mental illness can have on both patients and their families. Maintaining a healthy mind and body is all about finding a balance in my life. Many people put unrealistic expectations on themselves, and then fall down when they don’t achieve them.

It’s not something I think about every morning. Every morning, I think I will spend the day “living mindfully”. The conscious awareness of our actions in the moment allows us to make better decisions.

What would you share with the rest of the world if there were three tips for health and wellbeing?

1. Adopt “mindful-living” tools as a guide to your life. Meditation, accepting life and people, letting go unrealistic expectations, or living in the moment are all possible. Be sure to remind yourself regularly of your guidelines. You’ll be amazed at how much better your life will feel.

2. Foods high in chlorophyll are good for you. Chlorophyll, also known as “the green blood” of plants and its DNA are almost identical to the blood in our bodies. This means that it can cleanse the blood of toxic impurities while increasing oxygen levels. Anaerobic bacteria that cause disease cannot survive in oxygen. Therefore, Chlorophyll + oxygen = powerful tool to prevent diseases.

3. Dark green leafy veggies are good for you. They are also rich in minerals and vitamins (especially Vitamins E and K) and phytochemicals that fight disease. Green vegetables have many health benefits, including lowered cholesterol, increased energy, improved bones, prevention of cancer, and overall well-being.

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