Practitioners, Coaches and Therapists

Below are a list of practitioners, coaches and therapists that have been tried and tested and recommended. If you have someone you would like to recommend, please let us know and we'll share their details.

Sam Adkins - The Homepathic Coach: Doing conslutations in Sydney and around the world (via skype) Sam has an abundance of knowledge on Homepathy and empowers clients through her holistic approach to health.

Claudette Wadsworth - Naturopath: Specialising in women's health, hormone imbalances, infertility and pregnancy. Claudette has a wealth of knowledge in these areas.

Kristina Revenda - Maternity Coaching: Supporting working and full time mums at various stages of their motherhood journey including preparation for maternity leave, making a smooth return to work and everything in between.

Detox your Mind - Life Coach, Change-Maker and Mentor Debbie Spellman helps you find inner calm, self-acceptance and true confidence.

Accupuncture Collective: A wonderful accupuncture practice that believes accupuncture should be for everyone (hence their very reasonable prices). The accupuncture collective is a team of holistic therapists who treat musculoskeletal problems through to acute and chronic problems ranging from fertility issues, tiredness and headaches to digestive complaints.

Liisa Halme - Yoga Therapist: Liisa has taught and practiced yoga all over the world and her clients provide glowing testimonials for her work. Her private yoga therapy sessions can help with Anxiety, Asthma, Back pain, Chronic fatigue, Depression, Fertility, Heart conditions, High blood pressure, IBS, PMS, Stress, Weight management and more.

Lisa Guy - Naturopath & Author: Lisa runs a naturopath clinic called the Art of Healing. Lisa has range of clients from people with severe anxiety, mums with post natal depression, elite athletes with adrenal exhaustion,to couples having difficulty conceiving, andparents who need help with their little fussy eaters. Lisa is also the aurthor of Heal Yourself and Pregnancy Essentials.

Richard Ede - Hypnotherapy and Counselling: Do you want to make a positive change in your life? If you’re fed up with things being the same and want more out of life there is way. Life can be different! Richard will help you free yourself from whatever is stopping you from getting what you want in life. Richard offers hypnotherapycounselling and programs to help you with your emotional wellbeing, health and relationships.

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