Alchemy 18 VITALITY ELIXIR – 150G Pouch

$40.00 AUD

Gluten Free. Dairy Free. Sugar Free. No artificial ingredients or preservatives. Only Love.

Research suggests that deficiencies in biological Sulphur can result in less optimal functioning of cells, tissue and organs in the body. Inorganic Sulphur is poorly assimilated. Organic, biologically active sulfur is therefore extremely important for the health of every living organism. MSM is the natural source of biological Sulphur to which we are adapted through our evolution.

MSM requires certain co-factors for optimum integration of the mineral in your system, one co-factor being Vitamin C, which it also is a potentiator, therefore it increases cellular uptake of the vitamin in your system.

To complete our Vitality Elixir formula we included the bio-available Rosehip, a potent source of Vitamin C, alongside the soothing amino acid rich powerhouse of Pure Aloe Vera, and even more Vitamin C with Lime Powder.

Mucuna (Velvet Bean) has also been integrated into the formula. Mucuna Puriens is a long-time love in Ayurvedic Healing Traditions, and is considered to contain potent amounts of L-Dopa, the precursor to neuro transmitter Dopamine, a compound that is a bliss chemical and more importantly is suggested to be a releaser of HGH (human growth hormone) into the system via the pituitary gland. A key to longevity.

We designed this range to ideally be first purchased in the Miron glass jar and then the pouch as refill for maximum preservation of the product.

If you are pregnant/lactating or suffer from a serious medical condition consult your health care professional before using this product. This is a formulated, functional food.

Pure Ceylon Cinnamon rounds out this alchemical mix due to its beautiful flavour and potential benefits as an anti- inflammatory, antioxidant, and blood sugar regulator.

Additional Information


MSM – Biological Sulphur, a natural MSM in Crystal form which is derived from the liquid left after the extraction of cellulose from pulped trees, cleanly harvested and 100% pure.

Rosehip* – Seeds of the rose plant, extremely high in Vitamin C, with good amounts of Vitamin A, minerals Magnesium and Calcium.

Mucuna* – Mucuan Puriens also known as Velvet Bean and Buffalo Bean. Alongside it containing L-Dopa, it is also an adaptogen that is considered by Ayurvedic practitioners to balance all doshas, and has a long history of use within that tradition

Pure Aloe Extract* –  Sourcing the purest Aloe Extract possible, Aloe contains at least 140 individual substances, no less than 70 essential nutrients, including a wealth of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, protein, phytosterols and amino acids. Typically known for alleviating skin conditions, aloe is a ‘super’ food for the insides also.

Lime Powder* –  Citrus Aurantifolia another powerhouse of Vitamin C, boasting loads of flavonoids, potent anti-inflammatory properties, rejuvenating from the inside out.

Ceylon Cinnamon* –  Cinnamon Verum or True Cinnamon from Sri Lanka, slightly sweet in flavour and apart from its sugar stablising benefits is also used in Ayurvedic Medicine to treat colds, aid digestion and for its anti-inflammatory properties.

*all marked ingredients are organic.

Dosage and Use

Suggested Dosage
Start with 1 heaped tsp in the morning, building to 2 tsp mixed with juice or water.

We recommend starting with the Alchemy Vitality Elixir in the morning either on an empty stomach or with a light breakfast.

We love the Alchemy Vitality Elixir with our cooled Soothing Tisane as the base, offering some extra medicinal support.

If you are allergic to inorganic Sulphur, pregnant/lactating or suffer from a serious medical condition consult your healthcare professional before using this product. You may still be able to consume MSM. We suggest starting with a small dose, building to a full dose.

Storage Suggestions
Pouch — Store in a cool dry place, keeping it well sealed. The ingredients can be affected by moisture and become lumpy.

Miron Jar — Can be stored on the countertop away from heat. Ensure it is tightly closed as the ingredients can be affected by moisture.


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