8 Shake Tasting Plate

$7.50 AUD

Tasting Plates comes with a $5 voucher that you can redeem when you purchase an of the Luk Beautifood Products.

It can be challenging tobuy online when you canttouch or feel the product.

Why not order aLip Nourish Tasting Plate?

Each Tasting Plate contains a full menu of Citrus&Spice Lip Nourishin the 8 sheer shades including the new Tangerine Pomegranate. You will be able to sample the exact product off little spoons using your own lip brush or finger.

8 Shake Tasting Plate

Sheer 100% natural lipstick made from clean active foods to hydrate, nourish and protect lips whilst giving you a pretty, softglow.It goes on with an incredibly soft, soothing texture thats not too shiny or pigmented.

Gently colours lips with sheer, naked tones to even out lips colour with touch of lustre.

Lip Nourish is rich in antioxidants and omega 3+6 essential fatty acids to keep lips smoother, tastier and decidedly more beautiful with a non irritating, healthy, edible recipe.

Additional Information

WEIGHT .015 kg
DIMENSIONS 15 x .1 x 15 cm

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