Bliss Elixir Nerve Nectar

$32.00 AUD


Rhodiola, scullcap, chamomile, lavender, rose, moringa, bee pollen (ethically sourced).

Ancient calming tonic herbs Rhodiola & scullcap work synergystically to relieve nervous tension & exhaustion and promote emotional wellbeing & relaxation. Chamomile and lavender provide soothing flora while magnesium rich Moringa supports healthy relaxation impulses through neurons and helps balance the endocrine system. Mineral dense bee pollen nourishes with a complete protein profile and good fats for a high functioning nervous system.

40g, approx. 20 serves.

Our blends are 100% certified organic and can be added to any hot or cold drink, teas, smoothies, raw desserts etc. However we suggest enjoying them "like a matcha", whisked into warm, organic milk or plant milk.

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