Bare Nature Deodorant Stone - 85g

$7.95 AUD $9.99 AUD

Neutralises odour forming bacteria, lasts all day, fragrance free and non allergenic.

Free of Aluminium Chlorohydrate.

Not tested on animals.

Deodorant Stones LLC have been manufacturing and marketing its own line of health products for over sixteen years.

The demand for better health and a cleaner environment has forced all of us to find effective alternatives. Their pure and natural deodorants are the solution to eliminating Aluminum Chlorohydrates and other chemicals from personal hygiene products used daily.

Their extensive line includes various Aluminum-Free Crystal Deodorant Stones Non-Aerosol Spray Mists Chemical Free Roll-Ons Push-Ups and Stick Deodorants as well as Talc-Free Powders. Deodorant Stones LLC also markets the Ayate natural handmade mildew resistant wash cloths. Grown in Mexico these are 100% natural. In addition to their Brand Names (Thai Crystal Pure & Natural Crystal Orchid Nature's Crystal Nature's Pearl Fresh Foot and Crystalux) the company also offers private labeling including drop shipping and terms. Please call for information.

Deodorant Stones LLC has its own Manufacturing Plant giving us the edge on Pricing Quality and Flexibility. As members of Peta of course they never test their products on animals.

Deodorant Stones LLC currently has sales in all (50) fifty states and exports internationally to (30) thirty countries. Their continued growth is testimonials to the quality of their products and service.

Deodorant Stones pride themselves on their service their guarantee and their unique ability to service their customer's specific needs.

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