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Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Not many of us like to talk about it and yet approximately 20% of the population suffer from some form of this embarrassing and icky condition. And the bad news is - there is no cure and medical treatments are only moderately effective at treating the symptoms.

If you have ever suffered from IBS then you will know how IBS sufferers feel. They shy away from public places they stop participating in activities they feel anxious sadness and frustration that they are missing out on life. IBS sufferers in order to avoid stressful situations give up the things that matter most.

Better Living With IBS provides sufferers with a fully comprehensive program to managing their IBS based on the highly respected psychological approach known as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). The ACT approach proposes that most of the suffering experienced by IBS patients comes from the feeling of missing out on valued life activities and from over-focusing or trying to get rid of IBS experiences such as symptoms negative thoughts or emotions.

ACT offers an alternative solution of simply accepting them. If unwanted experiences caused by IBS are accepted and not struggled with then the person will have more time energy and willingness to engage in activities that really matter in life.

Better Living With IBS is structured in a simple user-friendly workbook format and includes numerous practical exercises to help the reader implement the approach effectively in their own life.

Chapter Summary

Chapter 1: What is IBS?
Chapter 2: Psychological stressors and IBS
Chapter 3: How do you cope with IBS and at what cost?
Chapter 4: Mapping your direction
Chapter 5: When to use your mind when to lose your mind
Chapter 6: Mindfulness a new perspective
Chapter 7: Are you willing to have IBS?
Chapter 8: Committing to make your own music
Chapter 9: Staying committed

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