Franjos Kitchen Belly Bump Biscuits - Ginger and Apricot

$15.95 AUD

Our ‘biscuits for your belly’ have been naturopathically designed and contain ingredients specifically chosen with pregnant mums in mind.

Our sample packs contain 14 biscuits and are available to you for a limited time at $13.95.

Fibre, omega 3, iron, calcium, b vitamins and zinc are just some of the nutrients pregnant mums need so we have made sure our bumpers contain ingredients naturally high in these.

A true ‘functional food’.

Our bumpers also contain ginger which has been used for centuries for nausea.

Our vegan bumpers are wheat, dairy, egg and refined sugar free.



Organic coconut sugar, organic wholemeal spelt flour, water, organic coconut oil, walnuts, tahini, pumpkin kernals, flaxseeds, shredded coconut, ground ginger, salt, bi carb soda.

Produced on equipment that makes products containing gluten, nuts and dairy.


About the Company

Here at Franjo’s Kitchen we are passionate about creating yummy, nutritious and most importantly delicious snacks for the whole family.  We believe that good food should taste great and be full of beautiful natural ingredients that work with your body, not against it. We see food as nature’s ultimate medicine. What you put into your body is so important, especially when pregnant and breastfeeding. So we have formulated our products with your health and well being in mind.

Our Tanker Toppers are for breastfeeding mums of course, but they are also a beautiful wholesome snack for anyone to enjoy. We don’t believe in food specific to kids because we believe good, nutritious food made from real ingredients is for everyone. Tanker Toppers are just the beginning and we hope to keep your family’s pantries full for years to come. 

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