Just Jojoba Oil - Pure Australian Jojoba

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Product Information

Restore skin vitality, nourish and hydrate. 175ml.

Apply jojoba to face, body, hands and feet to smooth skin and nails, reduce cracking of dry skin, and improve skin elasticity.

Jojoba is believed to be an excellent remedy for strech marks and scaring. 

For an intensive hair treatment, massage into scalp and hair and leave overnight.

Not tested on animals.



Pure cold pressed Australian golden jojoba

Why Jojoba


Jojoba - The Remarkable Molecule

It is a remarkable evolutionary story - Isolated in the desert, Jojoba has travelled its own evolutionary path. Unlike other plants, Jojoba cells and enzymes produce absolutely no glycerol. Rather, it combines fatty alcohols and fatty acids to make a molecule that is radically different to the oils and fats made by all other plants.


What does that mean for your skin care or massage treatments?

Jojoba is in perfect harmony with your skin.  Jojoba contributes to the balance in your skin, because its structure is almost identical to the natural wax esters that maintain young human skin.

Furthermore Jojoba's wax esters cannot bond with other atoms or molecules,nor does it readily bond with oxygen - giving it an extensive shelf.  Your Jojoja skin care products will last longer and really contribute to your skins natural balance and youthfulness.  

The closest nature has ever come to providing such benefits to skin care through cosmetics - was through whale oil.  Whale oil use to be the main ingredient in skin care products up until the banning of whale killing in 1982.  Even whale oil failed to provide the unique skin care properties that we find in Jojoba.


Jojoba in Massage

Unlike other products used in massage, Jojoba nourishes the skin and provides the perfect medium for relaxation and remedial massage treatments.  Jojoba will not leave your clients' skin feeling oily, it will not remain in their clothing, your towels or sheets.  Because of its natural compound, Jojoba cannot bind with fabric - making washing out a breeze.  No more fabric treatments, no discolouration in sheets or towels.  Jojoba is natural, safe and avoids all the problems and concerns therapists have using nut-based massage balms and oils.


Are there different qualities of Jojoba ?

Yes there certainly are.  Jojoba wax esters are a product of the plant.  This means the plant is subject to processing.  The Jojoba plant bears a small fruit which is pressed, much like olives.  The higher the level of processing the poorer the quality or benefit is gained from the wax ester. The higher the level of processing the lighter the wax becomes.  Golden Jojoba is a virgin product that is pressed for the greatest purity and integrity.  Cosmetics which contain golden jojoba are often slightly yellower than white based creams and cosmetics.  It is not uncommon for pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies to opt for white jojoba as a base for their products because they seek a whiter wax base.  This might seem like a good idea but in fact the end result is a product that offers a much more inferior skin care result.

Australia is one of very few countries in the world that produces a high quality organic golden jojoba product.  There are a handful of companies in Australia that have expanded their committment to growing Jojoba with limited or no chemical interference to the production of a unique range of therapeutic Jojoba skin care products. 

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