Love Chai - Dandelion Love Chai Box 100

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Love dandy and Love chai? Then this one's for you!

An aromatic blend of organic & fair-trade spices and the finest of roasted Dandelion makes this chai absolutely delicious. Full bodied and silky smooth this bold chai is the perfect coffee alternative. Dandelion has traditionally been used to support liver detoxification & the selected spices also aid digestive function__finally there is a tasty way to detox!

A mix of certified organic & Fairtrade ingredients. Hand blended in Australia by a young family who just LOVE tea.

About the Company

Love chai Love tea Story

Love chai was founded in 2006 by studying Naturopath Emma Watson when she was unable to find an organic chai that matched the blends she had made for her friends earlier. Emma shared her vision with good friend Damien Amos and together they further developed the initial inspiration of providing a great tasting chai for the people you love.

After such great results with the original Love chai blend Emma & Amos began experimenting with a wide range of tea herbs and spices to create a diverse range of exotic chai variations traditional teas and tasty therapeutic herbal blends that have been sold around Australia for the last 6 years.

Why Love Chai Love Tea?



1% For The Planet Member


Through every stage of production from plantation all the way to your cup ingredients used in our blends are certified organic. So what does this mean?__. Well here at Love chai we care about the health of both the planet and the tea drinker. Choosing organic ingredients is a more sustainable option as many of the harsh chemicals and pesticides used in conventional farming are absent in organic farming methods. By not using harsh chemicals there is less energy and resources used in producing them and zero residues left to potentially contaminate the environment.

Organic teas herbs & spices are grown naturally without chemicals resulting in cleaner fresher tea with a stronger natural taste. "If you're taking the time to brew a pot of tea then it should be the finest tasting and highest quality product possible." Go organic__. better for our environment better for us all.


Love chai Love tea have chosen to source as many ingredients as possible direct from the farms plantations and regions that produce them.

When selecting these suppliers "their main selection principles are to buy ingredients that have a traceable Fairtrade practice in place."

In the next 12 months Love chai have grand plans for our own personal evaluation of all our direct Fairtrade supplier practices. Love chai endeavor to bring you back a personal report feedback & stories from the farmers & producers of the teas herbs & spices that we all enjoy so much.

Fairtrade certification benefits marginalized producers and workers in four critical ways.

First it provides producers with guaranteed prices that are higher than conventional world market prices particularly in volatile tropical commodity markets.

Second it supports organisational capacity building for the democratic groups that are required to represent small-scale producers (via cooperatives) and workers (via unions).

Third it enhances production and marketing skills for participants and their families which extend beyond Fairtrade Certified production.

Fourth it provides a social premium to finance broader community development projects such as health clinics schools better roads and sanitation and other social services.

1% For The Planet Member

Love chai Love tea is a proud member of 1% for the planet.

Love chai donates 1% of profits to environmental organisations who are doing their part to keep the world beautiful.

Donating 1% is the least they can do!

Naturopathic blends

The Love chai Love tea range has been designed by Emma Jane (Bachelor & Advanced Diploma of Health Science Naturopathy) BSc NAT.

"Each ingredient has been carefully selected with not only the finest taste but also the greatest therapeutic benefit in mind."

Australian Family Business

By choosing Love chai Love tea blends you are supporting a small family business whose aim is to provide the world with the finest blend of organic Fairtrade ingredients for you to share with the people you love.

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