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Cacao Nibs - Raw Organic

Single origin certified organic fairly traded Raw Cacao Nibs from Satipo in the Peruvian Amazon. Jam packed with antioxidants magnesium and bliss nutrients that can help keep you young healthy and happy.

What are they?

Our Cacao Nibs are an original heirloom criollo amazonico Cacao from Satipo in Peru. By buying this Raw Cacao you are supporting a sustainable project that is rescuing this original heirloom variety of Cacao which has been grown by the Ashaninka and Chene people of the Peruvian Amazon for thousands of years.

These certified organic indigenous growers use an age old system of permaculture where the Cacao trees are planted under the native forest canopy along with other fruit trees such as mango avocado and papaya. All of these trees add their distinctive nuances to the fine multi-floral flavor of this exquisite Cacao.

Raw Cacao Nibs are jam packed with antioxidants magnesium and bliss nutrients that may help keep you young healthy and happy.

Health Benefits

Raw Cacao Beans contain 10 grams of flavonol antioxidants per 100 grams, which is an incredible 10%. Research has also demonstrated that the antioxidants in cacao are highly stable and easily available to human metabolism. In the adjacent table you can see that our Loving Earth Raw Chocolate has more antioxidants than Goji Berries and Acai Berries. The ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture to measure the ability of antioxidants to absorb free radicals, which normally cause cell and tissue damage. The higher the ORAC score, the higher the level of antioxidants present in the food.  Click here to see the Southern Cross University ORAC score for Loving Earth Dark Chocolate (this result shows per g).

ORAC Scores for top 10 Antioxidant foods per 100g
1) Loving Earth Raw Cacao Powder* 98,000
2) Raw Cacao Nibs** 62,100
3) Loving Earth Raw Dark Chocolate* 27,900
4) Roasted Cocoa Powder 26,000
5) Goji Berries** 25,300
6) Acai Berries** 18,500
7) Dark Chocolate 13,120
8) Prunes 5,770
9) Raisins 2,830
10) Blueberries 2,400
Source: US department of Agriculture
* Tested by Southern Cross University 
** Tested by Brunswick Laboratories, MA, USA

Magnesium for the Heart and Brain

Raw cacao is the primary dietary source of magnesium, the most deficient mineral in western civilisation. Magnesium is the most important mineral for a healthy functioning heart. It also plays a key role in producing energy for the neurons in the brain from glucose. So when there is an abundance of magnesium the brain works with clarity and focus.

Mood elevators and Anti-depressants

Cacao is a great source of serotonin, dopamine, anandamide and phenylethylamine (PEA), four well-studied neurotransmitters, which are associated with feelings of well being and help alleviate depression. Both PEA and Anandamide (the bliss chemical) are found in abundance in the brains of happy people and are particularly released when we are feeling happy. Both of these nuerotransmitters are present in raw cacao in large enough quanitities to affect the brain and lift our moods. Cacao also contains monoamine oxidase inhibitors (MAO Inhibitors) that keep neurotransmitters in the bloodstream for longer without being broken down.

We have all experienced the positive feelings associated with eating chocolate, now we have access to pure raw unadalterated chocolate in the form of Organic Raw Cacao. This is much more potent than the processed chocolate and doesn't have any sugar or dairy products blocking the positive effects of all the goodies in Raw Cacao. My experience is that eating 11 Raw Cacao Beans is enough to experience a blissful sense of well being.

Nutrition Information

Serving Size 10g

  Per Serve Per 100g
Energy 252.2kj 2522.1kj
Protein 1.35g 13.5g
Fat-total 4.68g 46.8g
   - saturated 2.5g 25g
Carbohydrate-total 3.18g 31.8g
   - sugar 0g 0g
Sodium 1.7mg 17mg


About the Company

Loving Earth is a Melbourne based company dedicated to sourcing and manufacturing the highest quality organic fairly traded and wild crafted functional foods available. We work with small producer communities around the world to provide healthy sustainable & fair ingredients which we use to handcraft our unique range of raw chocolate bars and superfood snacks.

Having established long-term relationships with several indigenous cooperatives our aim is to help them add as much value as possible to their raw products at the point of origin.

Loving Earth's story begins in rural India not far from Mumbai where our founding director Scott Fry had been living on an all fruit diet studying yoga and working with the local Adivasi people on an organic farming project. Industry had begun creeping into the area and many local farmers were selling their topsoil to brickmakers since agriculture just wasn't a viable source of income anymore. It was back in 2000 that David Suzuki's bookFrom Naked Ape To Superspeciesprovoked Scott's realisation that to really support these communities the key was having a brand in the marketplace.

Finding a way to support these people meant finding ways of commercialising their commodities in a way that not only honoured them but also allowed them to do what they've been doing for thousands of years. Scott went on to Mexico working with an indigenous Mayan co-operative to help them find a market for their coffee and cacao. It started to become apparent that the only real asset many of these communities had in the modern world were these crops that their ancestors had domesticated. It was the Olmecs the ancestors of the Mayan cooperative that Scott was working with in Izapa who first domesticated cacao thousands of years ago.

Three years later Scott was back in Melbourne broke and with a child on the way but full of inspiration... Loving Earth began in 2007. It took off quickly: we found that people were looking for products which could fulfill these values and we've been running to try and keep up with demand ever since! In fact one of our biggest challenges has been to grow the operation fast enough. The current facility in Campbellfield is a far cry from our humble beginnings going into a little bakery at night to make chocolate operating the business from home hand wrapping chocolate bars in the kitchen.

It took a while but now we have a brand in the marketplace that makes that initial vision a reality. Everything has come full circle and we've been able to go and work with the Aboriginal community of Nyul Nyul people up in the Kimberleys doing exactly what Scott envisioned back in India: creating a brand which is healthy sustainable and fair for all of those involved with it from grower to consumer.. As for our name when the initial vision was evolving and developing James Lovelock's theory of Gaia and the Earth as a living organism was an enormous source of inspiration. With the company originally formed as Living Earth all it took was changing one letter and with a little nod to Mr. Masaru Emoto here we are: Loving Earth!

Our purpose is to make the foods we provide available to you in a way that honours both the Indigenous people that have cultivated them for thousands of years and the earth and ecosystems in which they are grown.

Our vision is to be able to take the manufacturing of the products we develop back to the indigenous communities who grow and process the raw materials.

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