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100% Natural = No artificial colours flavours preservatives or sweeteners!

Naturally Goji dark chocolate goji berries are made with premium quality dark chocolate which is high in cocoa. They taste divine and are full of beneficial antioxidants.

Naturally Goji Dark Chocolate Coated Goji Berries are made with premium quality Tibetan Goji Berries smothered in high quality dark chocolate. What a great way to enjoy beneficial antioxidants!

The ultimate antioxidant food for the ultimate guilt-free indulgence.

Goji Berries

High in a variety of antioxidant compounds Goji Berries have been used for their health benefits for many centuries throughout China.

High in vitamin C this berry has a mild slightly tangy flavour similar to acerola cherries. And with other nutrients including all eight essential amino acids (a complete protein) and 21 minerals including potassium iron germanium selenium calcium and zinc.

Goji Berries also contain the anti-inflammatory agent beta-sitosterol and anti-bacterial/fungal agents' sesquiterpenoids.

However the amazing thing about goji berries is they contain some unique polysaccharides that are not found in any other plant.

Dark Chocolate

For years this amazing superfood has been taboo but now it has emerged as one of the most nutritious foods we can eat. (in moderation).

But it is dark chocolate that has the high levels of antioxidants - not milk chocolate or drinking chocolate. In fact the darker the better.

Dark chocolate is made from cacao beans and research suggests that this flavonol-rich bean is the source of the high levels of antioxidants attributed to dark chocolate.

Just be aware of the calories associated with eating chocolate.

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