Nellie Tier Phoebe and Fitz Dog Wash

$28.00 AUD

This natural, low sudsing and PH balanced dog wash using aloe vera and honey has been formulated to clean and soothe the skin and leave your dog’s coat soft and shining. Botanical extracts have been chosen for their anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant properties and a fresh smelling blend of pure essential oil has been added as a flea deterrent.

About the Company

Annie and Sara met in the early 1980's - they shared a passionate interest in New Zealand art and in 1986 joined forces to open Masterworks Gallery in Auckland.

Over the next 23 years of fun and commitment, they grew Masterworks into the best known and most respected applied arts gallery in the country. In 2009 they sold that business to concentrate on the next chapter of their shared adventure!

The Nellie Tier part of their story began about five years ago when the hand cream Annie had been playing around with in her kitchen (for about two years) FINALLY WORKED! Not only did it work, it was fabulous, and it was clear that here was potential for another challenging and exciting business venture!

Sara happily came on board and the duo began the formulation of their boutique range. The aim was to create face, body and bath products that were not prohibitively expensive, that were natural, safe, fresh and effective, and had a strong focus on luxurious texture and wonderful perfumes. They designed the range using as a base, the best of natural ingredients, botanical extracts and pure essential oils available.

Victoria Porter-Andrews, Annie's daughter, joined the duo as Nellie Tier Sales and Marketing Manager. Her enthusiasm and expertise has been hugely instrumental in guiding the business from very small beginnings to a brand that now enjoys a growing and dedicated following from all over the world.

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