Turmeric Plus

$18.13 AUD

Turmeric Plus - "The Spice of Life" has outstanding health benefits including assisting in the reduction of inflammatory conditions andreduction of joint pain, acts as a powerful anti-oxidant and helps to improve general well-being.

Turmeric Plus TM is a pleasant tasting, premium liquid formula produced with the patented active ingredient Curcumin C-3 Complex R.

Turmeric Plus TM harnesses the outstanding health benefits of the three main active chemical compounds found in turmeric which are collectively known as curcuminoids.

Traditional and scientific evidence demonstrates that turmeric may help with the following:

This liquid formula combined with C-3 Complex ensures maximum bioavailability offering a broad positive impact on many physiological activities in the body.

Note:Turmeric Plus has had extensive testing in Australia and is guaranteed free of nasties

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