Raspberry leaf tea for pregnancy

The benefits of red raspberry leaf tea have been touted as increasing fertility and causing labor. There are several factors to take into consideration, regardless of why you drink it.

Raspberry Leaf Tea and Fertility

In a recent article on Romper.com, Crystal S. Berry Roberts, MD MBA FACOG, stated that there is information out there regarding raspberry leaf tea priming the uterus and increasing blood supply. This could lead to a more favorable uterus in order to achieve pregnancy. Dr. Berry Roberts is careful to point out that these claims have not been “scientifically substantiated” or “proven to be true.”

Raspberry Leaf Tea during Pregnancy

Is it safe to consume red raspberry leaf tea while pregnant? Although Dr. Berry Roberts says that it is still not proven that red raspberry leaf tea can kickstart labor, she warns that the tea should be avoided during early pregnancy and preterm (before 38 weeks).

Dr. Berry Roberts explains that the FDA does not regulate the safety of herbal supplements in general. Therefore, the “safety” of raspberry leaf in pregnancy remains unclear. We do not have any substantiated data that can answer this question conclusively.

Can Raspberry Leaf Tea Kickstart Labor?

Dr. Berry Roberts says that it is not certain whether raspberry leaf tea will cause changes in the uterus, which could positively affect labor. You should discuss the decision with your doctor before drinking red raspberry leaf tea, just as you would do before taking any supplements during pregnancy.

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