The path to wellness with leading health coach Melissa Ambrosiana

Melissa Ambrosini, one of Australia’s top health coaches and bloggers, is a leading authority on wellness. She is an inspirational speaker and guru in health and wellness.

Melissa’s words of wisdom on health, wellness, self-love, and living a life you love are a great honor to the Nourishing Hub.

Q: Melissa, have you been on your Path to Wellness? You have been on a personal journey. Can you explain this and how it has helped you with your coaching?

In my previous life, I worked as a model and actress, a TV presenter, and I was also able to dance. I was burning the candle at both ends and ignoring the warnings to slow down. After I was admitted to the hospital with a severe viral infection, I also had a host of other problems, including adrenal fatigue, thyroid issues, depression, disordered eating, adult acne, and eczema, as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies and high mercury levels. I realized I was always searching for happiness in the world. So, I began my search for happiness within.

I think that all of my experiences, even though they were extremely difficult, have shaped me to be the person I am now. I wouldn’t change a thing.

Q. As a health coach/mentor who is a leader in the field, can you tell those who don’t have much knowledge about this what happens to someone when they come to see you?

Each client is different. There are never two identical sessions. I don’t just work with people on food and health. I also work to heal their relationship with food, as well as their feelings and whatever they are going through at the moment. My clients learn how to listen to and tune into their bodies so they will never need to diet again. I also help them with their mean girl or ego. I show them how to let go of mean thoughts and take control of their life.

A: You wrote your eBook, the 12 Steps to Wellbeing. Can you share some of the tips that you include in it?

It is the exact steps I took to improve my health and well-being. You can implement it into your daily life right away. I’ll show you how to have more happiness and health in your life.

Q: In your writings and talks, you talk a great deal about “self-love.” Could you share with our readers some of the words that you have written on this subject?

A: Self-love is the foundation of all we do. If you do not unconditionally accept and love yourself, it is pointless to eat all the kale or broccoli in the universe.

I often talk about how self-love is a muscle you have to exercise every day. It takes time. It takes practice.

Q: Recently, you held an event in Sydney and Melbourne called Hibernation Is for Bears Not Babes. What was the message of these events?

I created this event to bring light to all the areas where my tribe is hibernating. Hibernation could be in the refrigerator, their relationship, their work, their friendships, their family, or their baggy tracksuits. This event was designed to make them aware of it and allow them to shine.

Q: You seem to be a vibrant, healthy woman who is full of life. What are the personal practices you use to feel and look as good as you do?

A: I thank you very much.

The most important thing is to choose to be in the moment. I prefer to love instead of Fear. I choose to be authentic. When I do that, I feel alive.

Every morning, I move my entire body. I drink and eat only organic drinks. I also drink a lot of water. I meditate, do yoga, am surrounded by inspiring people, sleep at 9 pm, enjoy nature, play and laugh, and live a toxic-free life.

Q. What are your top 3 health and wellness tips?

  1. Choose love over Fear.
  2. The things your mean girl says aren’t true or real.
  3. Be yourself! Be you!

Q. What are three health food products that you cannot live without?

  1. Coconut Oil
  2. Apple Cider Vinegar
  3. Green veggies

Q: You use affirmations a lot in your coaching to help people make positive changes. What’s a commitment you feel everyone can benefit from?

A: “I accept and love myself without condition.”

I repeat it over and over again whenever my mean girl appears. Affirmations can help you retrain your mind. Try it.

Melissa, thank you so much for your kind words.

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