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Delicious Banana Chocolate Chunk Spelt Muffins

I love these very simple tasty muffins, firstly because they taste great and the whole family likes them but also because the last! So often I will bake muffins and within a day they are dry and starting to taste...

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Deliciously Healthy Orange Chocolate truffles – Nut-free

These melt in your mouth Raw Orange and Chocolate Truffles are such a wonderful recipe. They were created by a special family friend Marie Anne Theuerzeit and she kindly agreed to share them with you.  These orange truffles are perfect...

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Chaga Immunity Elixir

In Chinese medicine, Chaga mushrooms are referred as the 'gift of the gods' or 'black gold'. Chaga is the king superfood mushrooms and has a long list of health benefits. A few of these benefits include improved immune function, reduced...

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Detoxing Green Goddess Dressing

This is such a delicious dressing, it will definitely leave you wanting more.  The Green Goddess Dressing has so many wonderful detoxing ingredients in it, such as coriander (particularly good for drawing heavy metals - read more HERE), lemon, garlic...

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SALE + 20% OFF Everything This Long Weekend

Enjoy 20% OFF Everything Until Monday  Midnight, the 11th of June! Weleda Organic Birch Juice NOW: $21.63  $25.95 Melrose MCT Oil Pro Plus NOW: $26.48  $31.77 Ground Me Please Bath Salt NOW: $12.46  $14.95 Pukka Cleanse Tea Bags NOW: $6.63  $7.95 Broccoli Sprout Powder NOW: $21.63  $25.95 Bentonite Clay (edible)...

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7 Natural ways to Detox your Mouth and Whiten Your Teeth

Hello there, If you have been with me for a while you will know that I love to talk about detoxing. Today I'm sharing with you the importance of detoxing your mouth to not only promote healthy oral hygiene but also to promote the...

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[VIDEO] 5 mins on the benefits of Reishi, Chaga & Lions Mane + Discount Code

OK so this wasn't meant to look like an infomercial (slightly cringe-worthy) but I really wanted to share a 5-minute video on why I am LOVING my medicinal mushrooms and a few of the incredible health benefits they have. Simone...

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