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Deliciously Healthy Orange Chocolate truffles – Nut-free

These melt in your mouth Raw Orange and Chocolate Truffles are such a wonderful recipe. They were created by a special family friend Marie Anne Theuerzeit and she kindly agreed to share them with you.  These orange truffles are perfect...

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Chaga Immunity Elixir

In Chinese medicine, Chaga mushrooms are referred as the 'gift of the gods' or 'black gold'. Chaga is the king superfood mushrooms and has a long list of health benefits. A few of these benefits include improved immune function, reduced...

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Detoxing Green Goddess Dressing

This is such a delicious dressing, it will definitely leave you wanting more.  The Green Goddess Dressing has so many wonderful detoxing ingredients in it, such as coriander (particularly good for drawing heavy metals - read more HERE), lemon, garlic...

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Roasted Broccoli, Almond and Coconut Salad

This is such a tasty recipe. Sometimes it's hard to find inspiring ways of eating broccoli - roasting it brings about a whole different flavour and texture.  I love the crispy coconut combined with the roasted broccoli. You will be...

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[VIDEO] 5 mins on the benefits of Reishi, Chaga & Lions Mane + Discount Code

OK so this wasn't meant to look like an infomercial (slightly cringe-worthy) but I really wanted to share a 5-minute video on why I am LOVING my medicinal mushrooms and a few of the incredible health benefits they have. Simone...

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Conscious Mumma Gifts + Free Shipping over $50

Hello there, We are enjoying some beautiful autumnal weather here in New Zealand. Our family spent last week in the South Island, where the autumn colours were just spectacular. You can check out my Instagram for a few little pics...

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Bone Broth - The Supercharged Version

Hello there,  Today I wanted to share a few words on bone broth. Bone broth has been used for many centuries but only more recently has it been recognised for its gut healing and anti-inflammatory qualities. Bone broth is an excellent source...

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