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It takes a lot to grow long hair. You Can either buy removable fake hair or grow your own. The second option is less expensive, but it requires patience and willpower — two things that are only sometimes in abundance.

You can help speed up the process by doing a few things. You will have to wait a lot, even more than you are already. It’s true — your hair can grow up to a half-inch per month, and even that is if you keep it in good condition. It’s going to take some time. Follow these 15 tricks for hair growth to help those lazy hair follicles grow.

Stop Demonizing Scissors

Trimming your hair is not as counterintuitive as it may seem. Eating a spoonful of Jif each day might be more effective. But you should still cut your hair occasionally. Trims remove split ends and damage that can be costly in the future.

Visiting your stylist every eight weeks is recommended, but you don’t have to make a regular appointment. Keep an eye on the ends. This is especially important if your hair has a coarse texture or you heat style or color your hair often. Ask your stylist to dust (a baby cut) your ends. If you prefer to do it yourself, get some hair scissors to learn how to trim using YouTube videos.

Consider Your Shampoo Bottle

It is essential to take care of your hair, even when wet. Dr. Dominic Burg is a trichologist at Evolis Professional and advises using a natural gentle cleanser. Avoid harsh chemicals like SLS, SLES, silicones, and parabens.

You can spend less time with it

If you shampoo frequently, consider taking a break from cleaning products. If you tend to shampoo a lot, you may be stripping the Scalp and hair of their natural oils. This can cause brittle and broken hair and frustration that your hair is still the same length.

But Keep Conditioning

If you’re on a hair-growth journey, upgrading your conditioner to something better is a great excuse. You can choose from a high-quality leave-in conditioner, Audrey Hepburn-approved pre-poo conditioner, a luxurious mask, or an upgrade. Anabel Kingsley is a trichologist with Philip Kingsley. She says the moisture added to these treatments plumps the hair shaft and improves elasticity. This means you will have less breakage.

Stop Doing This Towel Thing

Do you still do the towel thing? The combination of fabric rubbing, twisting, and tension on wet hair can be damaging. If you have curly hair, use plopping instead of your standard towel. If you are a real hard-core, try drying your hair with air.

Brush up on how to brush

Do not use the Marcia Brady method of 100 strokes when brushing your hair. If you must brush your hair, use a soft brush. Kingsley recommends choosing a meeting with plastic prongs that are rounded and cushioned. Start at the ends when brushing or combing your hair. This will prevent breakage.

You should give your hair some space

Try to avoid doing anything more than gently brushing your hair. This means reducing the amount of hair-drying and flat-ironing. It also includes curling your hair, using chemicals to straighten it, teasing, or dyeing. The less you mess with your hair, the better it will thrive.

Low Ponytails: Learn to Love Them

Avoid high-tension styles such as this ponytail. Stick to something more subtle, such as the low pony. (Here are a few low ponytails you can put on your vision board and discuss later with your hair.) Or, get some ponytail holders that won’t harm your hair.

Sleep on Silk

This step is fun because silk pillowcases feel great and suit your face. Silk pillowcases are a great way to pamper your hair and are healthy initially.

Chill out

Burg acknowledges that this tip is difficult to follow, but if you want to grow your hair, you must calm down. When you are stressed, your body will redirect any energy and nutrients to your vital organs. This will result in your hair growing at a slower pace.

Try massaging your Scalp

Massage your Scalp to begin calming down. It’s not the “increased blood flow to the scalp” that is the key. Instead, it’s the self-care that will help with hair growth. Kingsley says that scalp massage can improve mood and reduce stress, which harms hair growth. Effleurage is a circular stroking motion, and petrissage is a gentle Scalp kneading. Kingsley recommends beginning at the front and working backward with “gentle but firm and consistent pressure.”

It would be best if you treated your Scalp the same as you would your face

Kingsley and Burg agree about jade-rolling: you should treat your Scalp the same way you would treat your face. So you can give your hair a skincare routine separate from shampooing. Look for familiar ingredients, such as alpha-hydroxy and salicylic acids, to remove dead skin. Natural ingredients with anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants, like green tea, goji, mangosteen, and lavender, are also good.

Take Gummies or Supplements if You Want

Vitamin Gummies are tasty and won’t harm you (unless you want to stop a sugar habit), but they’re not the only thing that can help. Burg believes that hair-growth gummies or supplements can work if nutrition is needed. Taking supplements can make a difference if you are stressed out, have trouble relaxing, or follow a strict diet.

You can eat regular food too

You’re doing well if you already eat a healthy diet that includes iron, zinc, B vitamins, and vitamin E. Hair is made of protein, which is a fun fact. You can also find biotin in foods besides vitamin supplements, such as nuts, avocados, spinach, salmon, and cauliflower. Iron deficiency can cause hair to fall out before reaching its maximum length.

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