5 ways to detox from heavy metals

Toxins: Where do they come?

A mismatch between genes and the environment causes chronic disease. Our environment has changed to the point that we have many chemicals in food, high rates of obesity and fast food, and an alarming increase in air pollution. Environmental toxins are present in our daily lives, causing health problems in many areas.

Environmental toxins can be classified into two main categories: heavy metals and harmful chemicals. Center of Disease 4th National Report of 2004 on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals tested 212 chemicals, and all of them were found in the urine and blood of most Americans.

Now the question is, “How toxic are you?” Now the question is, “How toxic are YOU?”

The accumulation of toxins is a toxic burden. The toxins can come from many sources, but the first exposure occurs while the baby is still in the womb. The Environmental Working Group found 287 chemicals in the umbilical blood of newborns. These included pesticides, ingredients of consumer products, and waste from burning coal and gasoline. 180 of these 287 chemicals are known to cause human and animal cancer, while 217 are toxic to the central nervous system and brain. Two hundred eight are shown to cause abnormal development and congenital disabilities in animals.

How can you tell if the toxic substances you’ve been exposed to have caused you health problems?

Symptoms of toxic burden include:

  • Chronic Fatigue
  • The following are some of the ways to reduce your risk:
  • Headaches
  • Memory problems or brain fog are examples of cognitive problems.
  • Balance or tremors are neurological issues.
  • Insomnia

Common conditions associated with toxic burden include:

  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Allergies & Chemical Sensitivities
  • Diabetes & obesity
  • Fibromyalgia and other autoimmune diseases
  • Congenital disabilities and fertility issues
  • Parkinson’s
  • Chronic infections and bone marrow carcinomas

Where is the research?

According to the NHANES report’s analysis, there is a strong correlation between urine concentrations (plastics) of biphenyl-A (plastics) and incidences of cardiovascular disease, diabetes type 2, and abnormalities of liver enzymes in samples from adult populations (JAMA 2008, 300: 1355-34)

US Environmental Agency (USEPA) has posted several studies on our water supply, including arsenic and mercury levels, fish intake advisories, and a list of contaminants and health hazards that they can present.

Since the 1970s, we’ve seen an increase in autism, acute leukemia, brain cancer, preterm birth, infertility, and childhood asthma.

What can you do to help?

Reduce your exposure by examining your surroundings. Switch to natural alternatives for personal care and chemicals in your home. Purchase more organic dairy, meats, and produce. Never microwave in plastic, and avoid using plastic containers.

Detox Diet:

Vitamin C-rich foods Fruits and vegetables high in vitamin C act as antioxidants to reduce heavy metal toxicity.

Cilantro and other green vegetables- Cilantro, as well as green leafy vegetables such as kale and spinach, can be detoxifying. They also help to reduce mercury buildup in the body.

Onions and garlic These vegetables contain sulfur, which helps your liver to detoxify heavy metals such as lead and arsenic.

Drink water every 2 hours.

Chia and flax seeds- Omega-3 fats can help detoxify the colon and reduce inflammation.

Toxic foods to avoid:

Farmed fish These are toxic and can contain dioxins, heavy metals, or PCBs.

Allergens in food- If you are fighting common allergens, your body will not be capable of detoxifying from heavy metal poisoning.

Foods that are not organic These foods can increase your exposure to chemicals, which will make symptoms worse. Some of the worst culprits include conventional apple products and brown rice.

Additive foods- Chemicals can increase toxicity symptoms and reduce your body’s detoxification ability.

Alcohol- Alcohol is toxic and makes it harder for the liver to process other toxins. It also increases the poisonous load.

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