7 Chemical Free Ways To Be Summer Ready September 25 2015 by Simone Denny

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For many of us just the thought of stripping out of the winter layers and having our body on display can be an anxiety inducing experience. The pale, prickly legs must make a debut and nicely insulated mid section needs to squeeze into a swimsuit and even a bikini. I was confronted by this recently when at Bondi while visiting with my daughter, I was completely overdressed and ill equipped for the beach. It suddenly dawned on me, summer's arrived and I'm not ready! 

As you know I'm very passionate about what you put on your skin and in your body. I believe smearing yourself in checmial laden products can be worse than doing nothing at all. In the lead up to summer I hope you will nourish your bodies with products and foods that are safe, natural and free from nasties. 

I thought I'd share with you some of my favourite things for getting summer ready!

1. Chemical Free Tanning
Thankfully it seems indoor tanning beds have been drifting out of fashion for some time and rightly so as they are said to increase the risk melanomas by 20%. Spray tans have followed hot on their heals but often these are not the safest option either. Many spray tans have tonic of toxic chemicals in them, including common hormone disrupters such as parabens and oxybenzone. 

My personal pick for a checmial free tan are the Eco Tan range. Their products have no synthetic ingredients and are certified organic. I have had really positive feedback on the eco tan tanning products. 

2. Increase your Fatty Acids
Did you know that eating Omega 3 fatty acids can improve your skin moisture and protect it from the sun damage? We often focus on topical creams to moisturise our body but eating the right fatty acids can also help your skin quality. Omega-3 rich foods include Salmon, Mackerel, Algae, Krill, Chia Seeds. Omega-3 fatty acids bolster the skin cell membrane of the epidermis. With a stronger cell membrane the cell can hold onto water and create moisture, which in turn improves skin texture and longevity. The fatty acids can help reduce premature ageing and in some cases reverse wrinkles.

My personal Pick of the fatty acids would have to be Nordic Natural Omega-3 Fish Oil and for the highest source of plant Omega-3 I like Chia Seeds

3. Chemical Free Sunscreen
You may have heard me talk about this before, more sunscreens than not contain nastiest, chemicals that are absorbed into the bloodstream, causing adverse effects on the body. According to the Environmental Working Group, laboratory studies of several sunscreen chemicals indicate they mimic hormones and disrupt the the hormonal system. Some of the worst checmial offenders are dioxybenzone and oxybenzone.  If you do use sunscreen, choose a sunscreen with a high mineral content (i.e. zinc oxide) rather than a chemical one.

My personal pick of the chemical chemical free sunscreens are UV NaturalWot Not and new to the Nourishing Hub is the Green Foot Mama Organic Sun. I really like this product as it contains absolutely no nasties and also causes no coral reef bleaching.

4. Detox Body Oil for those Bumpy Bits
I am definitely more of an advocate for embracing our lumps and bumps than trying to achieve a 'perfect' body. In saying that I have been selling a lot DNA Elements Detox Body oil to help with skin tone and cellulite. This oil is packed with Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, vitamins A, B and E, plant collagen to nourish your skin and improve tone and texture. 

5. Up your Antioxidants 
Summer means more time in the sun, unfortunately this is not good news for the skin. UV radiation from the sun is a major creator of free radicals. Free radicals can damage cell function and alter genetic material, they can also cause premature ageing by causing collagen to breakdown at a faster rate. Antioxidants help to fight (a5d neutralise) free radical fighters and can be found in many of the foods we eat. Foods that are high in antioxidants include Sumac, Acai Berries, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Maqui Berries, Rosehip and Raw Cacao.

​Best Ways to Detox

My personal pick for a topical antioxidant is Vanessa Megan's Anti-aging Resurrect Serum, which uses a range of beautiful natural ingredients that slow down skin cell proliferation. This serum contains ingredients such as ginseng, kelp, goji berry, olive leaf, spirulina and rosehip oil. 

6. Say No to Plastic Water Bottles this Summer
Plastic was designed never to breakdown, sadly a huge amount of plastic we consume ends up in our oceans. Apparently there is a plastic mass the size of Texas floating in our waters. Between 35 - 45% of sea life are found to have plastic in their bodies, which is damaging sea life and in turn becomes part of our bodies if we eat fish. It is heartbreaking to think we are doing this to our planet. This is a fascinating clip on what's happening in our oceans click here. I found this on the Living Ocean website, an amazing charity promoting awareness of the human impact on the ocean. 

Not only is plastic hurting our environment it is hurting out bodies. Many bottles we use have BPA in them, which is a weak synthetic estrogen that can play havoc with our hormonal system. According to the breastcancer.og we should carry a glass, metal or ceramic water container with us to reduce the risk from plastic. I personally like this Eco Vessel Glass Bottle with break protection and made from recycled glass. 

No to Plastic Water Bottles

7. Self Love 
No amount of product can make a woman look as good as self love does. Some of the most beautiful woman I have met are those who shine with self love and body acceptance (no need for miracle creams, make up or fancy bikinis here). So many of us focus on our flaws, we compare our bodies to our former years or to unattainable airbrushed magazine bodies. If we are truly going to live toxic free then we need to look at our thoughts about ourselves too. Our bodies work thanklessly for us, they carry us every day, they carry our children and without them we wouldn't be here. However we still seem fixated on criticising them, wishing them away and focusing what they don't look like rather than what a gift they are. 

My personal plea to you is to avoid criticising your body in front of your children. We are our children's reference point, they take on board everything we are saying and if the message is my body isn't good enough then this will filter down into their own thoughts and beliefs. We are seeing younger and younger children suffering from eating disorders, anxiety and body shame - let's start with leading by example by respecting our own bodies.  

As hard as it can be, show your children you love and embrace your body, your message will be heard tenfold. Take a moment to thank your beautiful body for the amazing journey it has taken you on and the places it is still yet to take you. It is nothing short of a miracle.

Self Love - ​australian natural health

Roll on Summer!

Have a lovely weekend. 

Simone X