7 Things I'm Loving This March + Sale Time March 09 2016 by Simone Denny

Hello there, 

Well I haven't done one of my love lists for a while but I always really enjoy writing them -  they help me to connect to all the things I'm grateful for this month, and it makes me realise that there is so much to love when you stop and think about it for a minute.

Here in Sydney we have just moved into Autumn - fortunately it's still quite balmy and we are making the most of lots of swimming, evening picnics and enjoying the great outdoors before the clocks change. 


7. Things I'm loving this March. 

1. 20% Discount - limited time only

You may have heard me say this before but one of the things I love most about my job are you lovely people who support the Nourishing Hub and keep me inspired to keep writing, sharing, cooking and selling the best health and wellness products I can find. I hope you enjoy this discount - hurry as the offer expires midnight Saturday the 12th of March. Just enter the code LOVE at checkout. 


2. Five Tops Tips for making 2016 your healthiest year yet

I have a guest post from one of my followers, Racheal Tighe, who has a wonderful site called Life Bootcamp. If you need some healthy inspiration take part in her Healthy Lifestyle Challenge. Racheal shares 5 simple health tips with the Nourishing Hub - you can read them HERE

3. From Our Kitchen To Yours: Supporting Domestic Violence Victims

This is a project I feel very honoured to be involved in. If you haven't already seen my posts on Facebook, I have teamed up with 40 women from the Health and Wellness arena to create a beautiful recipe ebook called From Our Kitchen to Yours, which includes 43 delicious recipes that we have created for you. The ebook costs $19.95 and 100% of the profits from the book go to the Luke Batty Foundation, which supports victims of domestic violence.  

Imagine leaving an abusive home with only your children, the clothes you stand in (and your children) and starting new life with nothing. Our aim is to make this new life just a little bit better. 

I would love you to support this project we have been working on and PLEASE SHARE this with your communities.

You can purchase the book here: www.aussiewellnesswomen.com.au

Make sure you try out my Raw Banana Caramel Cheesecake (GF, DF, Refined Sugar Free), which is in the recipe book.


4.Vision Boards and Manifesting 

I feel very fortunate to host a women's group once a month here in Sydney with a gorgeous group of women. In our last gathering we created vision boards for the year ahead (you can start yours at anytime). We cut out images and words that inspired and moved us and created a board of all the things we wanted to manifest into the different parts of our lives. I'm quite a visual person so I like to create a board so I can keep looking at it and keep it alive for the year ahead. I often create vision boards with my coaching clients, if you would like to hear more about personal coaching drop me a line on simone@nourishinghub.com.au.


5. Sailing in the Whitsundays

Hot on the heels of manifesting (yes it works), I took my husband on a 5 day sailing trip for his 40th birthday last week, our first time away together without our kids (which in itself felt incredibly liberating and a little bit scary).I was completely blown away by the beauty of this incredible part of the world and I felt so humbled by the sheer beauty of nature, which so abundantly surrounded us every day we were there. We hiked, swam, snorkelled, read (a novelty when you are busy parents), lay under the stars, watched turtles and dolphins swim around our boat (sound romantic?). It was nothing short of dreamy. #visitaustralia! 


6. My holiday essentials

Slowly, slowly I am trying to detox various areas of my life. Whether it is my cleaning products, my make up bag, and of course the food I eat. Each time I run out of something I try to make a conscious decision to replace it with something chemical free, preservatives free and free from testing on animals. I still have a long way to go and some products are hard habits to kick but it's journey. The products below I used every day on our little trip away and I love all of them. As we were close to the Great Barrier Reef I loved using the Green Food Mama - Organic Sun (protection), which is specifically designed to be reef safe. It has the most delicious chocolate flavour and can be used with as a moisturiser. I also love UV Natural a great sun screen free from nasty chemicals. Lately I haven't been going anywhere without my Cooper Insulated Cheeki Bottle. The insulation (to keep water cool) came in handy in the hot temperatures we had in the Whitsundays. Finally I just LOVE Vanessa Megan's Bug Off roll on protection to keep the mozzies at bay, I use this at home and on holiday and find it really does work (again completely chemical free) 


7. Plastic Water Bottle Free - Go San Fran

I was delighted to read that San Francisco (a place I used to call home some years ago) has banned the sale of plastic bottles. Here is an interesting fact from Trueactivist.com 'Plastic pollution is one of the greatest burdens to the environment. Believe it or not, enough plastic is discarded every year to circle the globe four times. Even worse, it is estimated that 50% of the plastic on this planet is used only once before being thrown away'. So what can we do it about this plastic epidemic? Stop buying plastic bottles and take your own water bottle with you, try to avoid food packaged in plastic (go to farmers markets and bring your own bag), fill out a survey or write a letter to woolwooths or coles or your local supermarket and ask them to stop packaging their fruit and vegetables in unnecessary plastic - this really is a pet dislike of mine. This photo below (and a similar one of bananas in plastic boxes) has been making the rounds - have we lost all respect for the beautiful biodegrade packaging that mother nature so beautifully designed? 


I could go on with many more loves from me but I must call it a day start thinking about coming up with Easter goodies for you!

Simone X


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