7 Healthy Christmas Gift Ideas Under $35 + 10% Off November 06 2015 by Simone Denny

Hello there,

It's that time of year again! Yes, just 7 short weeks till Christmas - seriously where has this year gone? I appreciate not everyone celebrates this holiday but for those of you who do here are a few insights from me.

          My picks for this year

As I have mentioned in other years, I'm not much of shopper and with each year that goes by I become more and more conscious about buying things out of social conditioning rather than actual need or even want. I find random acts of giving when the time feels right and the right thing appears is often be more heartfelt than the pressure cooker of having to buy for Christmas or other holidays.

The other thing that is very important for me is 'how many years will that thing I just bought take to break down'? For many plastic toys or gadgets, they will be around for 100's of years and others will never break down.  See the diagram below which is from an unknown source but very useful. Furthermore, many of these plastic products have toxic ingredients that are doing us more harm than good. I really ask you to consider this when you are out shopping with the masses this Christmas 

Just to be clear - I am not a minimalist, and in fact have way too much stuff collected from many years of unconscious buying. My intention for the year ahead is to cull, reduce and give away more than I purchase. 

Ironically I am now going to tell you what are my picks for Christmas pressies under $35..! However these picks are presents that are made with integrity, without chemicals, they are made of recyclable plastic or glass and may even educate you on sustainability (if you choose the Simplicious book).

I am offering a 10% off everything discount to all Nourishing Hub followers until this Sunday night - just use the code: SANTA

1. I Quit Sugar - Simplicious Book $35
This has to be Sarah Wilson's best work to date. Her recipe book is an enormous resource (and an enormous book!), not just of nourishing recipes but also information on how to be sustainable in your kitchen, how to use and reuse every last scrap and how to reduce waste and and be economical with regards to food. A great read and lots of delicious sugar free recipes.


2. Luk Beautifood - Lip Nourish $24.95 with Free Shipping
I adore this product - the packaging is just so beautiful and the product is made from a mix of potent foods (good enough to eat). Completely non toxic, vegan and recyclable. It is said that 60% of topical skin products are absorbed into the skin so it is worth choosing 100% natural products. This is my go well as a gift for many of your friends, the colours are very subtle and are very neutral. 


3. Jack N' Jill Buzzy Musical Toothbrush - $24.95
For the kids who have everything, this is such a great pressie! You can also accompany it with some Jack N' Jill toothpaste or rinse cup. You may have heard me talk about these before - the handle is made of recycled plastic and can be recycled, it is BPA, PVA and phthalate free. It has a replaceable head, so no need to buy a whole new bursh. 


4. Dr Bronners Shikakai Hand and Body Soaps $21.50
Organic Dr Bronners Hand and Body Soaps are new to the Nourishing Hub, just in time for Christmas. We have some beautiful fragrances such as lavender, lemongrass lime, spearmint and more. These make a great gift for anyone: they are fair trade, organic, not tested on animals and made with only best ingredients. These are available in two sizes. 


5. Iris Practice Bath Salts $12.95
These have to be one of my favourite gifts - I just love these little glass bottles of goodness! Bree who makes them, uses only the finest salts, herbs and essential oils to create these most AMAZING smelling bath salts. I personally love the Goddess Salts with beautiful little crystal salts, tiny rose buds, lavender and more. 


6. DnA Elements Herbal Bath and Body Oil $19.95
With summer on it's way this is a body oil is a perfect pressie to deeply moisturise the skin, especially this one from DnA Elements. It is made of an invigorating blend of essential oils, safflower, macadamia and caster oils plus rosemary, lemon and thyme. You can use it in the bath or directly on your skin. The Organic Silca Mask is also lovely gift from DnA elements. 


7. Vanesa Megan Rose Water Spray (Toner)
I love the romantic connotations of rose water and the smell reminds me of travelling in far off lands :)
This rose water spray is made from 100% organic roses from Bulgaria. Rose water can balance and restore the skin's pH and helps tighten pores. So many things in the Vanessa Megan Range make beautiful gifts, it's hard to choose just one. 


If you saw my newsletter last week you will see other products I'm loving are the Acure Body Wash and Moisturiser, the Hurraw Lip Balm and the Weleda range. 

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to use your discount code :)


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