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Raw Turmeric Chai Cheesecake From My Travels

Hello there, Sorry it has been a while but I am finally back on the blog after the last few weeks of travel through London, France, Switzerland and currently Italy.  I think I must be the only person who travels with a litre of coconut oil, some activated buckwheat and a packet of golden grind turmeric chai in my bag. Admittedly I picked up the oil and buckwheat from Wholefoods in London but the Golden Grind (a few packets of it) came all the way from Sydney and ended up at my friend’s place in the French Alps. I must confess I...

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The Ultimate Self Top Up - Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat

Hello there,For my 40th birthday this year, my husband bought me a wellness weekend at Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat (I don’t say those words lightly, this was a BIG deal for me and a BIG present that I feel immensely grateful for). I can say without a doubt that this really was the best birthday present I have ever received. Gwinganna had been on my bucket list for quite some time (I was quite delighted my husband James had noted that). Three full days without my kids and complete indulgence in myself in a truly magical place in the world – how...

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Chai Spiced Raw Bars + My Love of Chai

Hello there,  My love of chai began many years ago during my first trip to India. I was backpacking with a friend, completely wide eyed and overwhelmed from the colours, smells, poverty, richness, spirituality and beauty - a complete sensory overload. This was my first memory of trying chai, though it's hard to say whether I could actually taste any kind of spice as it was so ridiculously sweet my spoon could have stood upright in the cup.   I loved having a chai straight from the chai wallah - no plastic cups here just piles of lovely unfired pottery 'disposable' cups. I was pleased to finally use these cups that we bought back from India...

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Finding My Motherhood Mojo this Mother's Day

Hello lovely friend, I took this picture in the lower Omo Valley in Ethiopia some years ago now. My friend and I were on holiday from London. At the time we were as free as birds, flying by the seats of our pants through this breathtaking country. It’s only now that I realize how much I took that complete freedom for granted – I know it’s a cliché but if only I had appreciated it more at that                           We were visiting the Mursi tribe in the back of beyond when I...

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My Favourite Travelling Companions

I'm on holiday.....I love to travel. I feel like it's in my bones: I have a gypsy that lives inside me and she's always nagging at me to book a flight to some far off land. I have lived, studied and worked in various continents around the world, from which I have explored extensively, almost like an addiction. It's a constant itch that I have to scratch. Some would call it wanderlust...     I've had many great adventures around the world. When James (my now hubby) and I left London we spent a year travelling through the old Silk Road from Lebanon to Kazakhstan. We also travelled through South Asia from Bhutan to the Andaman Islands....

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