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Pong Sleek Case For IPHONE 6 / 6S - White - FREE SHIPPING

$99.95 AUD

Please note: our are prices have increased due to the exchange rate with the USD. We still remain cheaper than buying directly from the US. 

Discover Minimalist Style and Maximum Protection for You

The Pong Sleek iPhone 6 Case takes protection to the next level-- it redirects radiation away from you while improving your iPhone's signal strength.


  • Built-in Antenna Technology instantly pairs with your iPhone 6/6s when you snap it on
  • Patented RF technology protects you while maintaining your phone’s signal
  • Lowers your radiation exposure by up to 67% below a bare phone (or up to 89% below the FCC SAR limit)
  • Tested in the same independent labs that verify conformance of wireless devices to requirements of the US (FCC), European (CE), Canadian (CA) and Australian (ACA) governments
  • Protection from 4’ drops and certified to U.S. military specifications
  • Access to all iPhone 6/6s ports and functions
  • Designed in Encinitas, California
  • 60-day money back guarantee

Pong Technology Reduces Your Exposure To Harmful Wireless Radiation.

Total Radiated Power is a measure of the radiation your mobile devices are emitting. TRP isn't bad. In fact, it's what gives you a strong mobile connection. Pong's patented antenna is unique in that it doesn't decrease the TRP of your mobile device. It just redirects that radiation away from your head and body.That's good for your phone and even better for you.

How Pong Technology Works...

Pong cases contain a micro-thin, gold antenna that redirects radiation away from you. This redirection reduces your exposure to mobile device radiation by up to five times below the FCC Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) limit without compromising your device's ability to communicate. Plus, Pong is the only technology proven in FCC-certified laboratories. What's more, it was verified in an extensive, independent test by WIRED MAGAZINE.

What Parents Should Know About Radiation.

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) states, "In theory, children have the potential to be at greater risk than adults for developing brain cancer from cell phones." According to the NCI, this is due to the still-developing nervous systems and smaller heads of children. Pong cases give you an easy way to proactively protect your children from exposure to radiation.

Pong Research

US-based Pong Research Corporation is the world's first and only maker of technologically-advanced iPad and smartphone cases that improve device performance and protect users against cellular and Wi-Fi radiation.  Independent certified laboratories have proven that Pong's mobile phone cases reduce users' exposure to potentially harmful mobile phone radiation by up to 95 percent below international safety limits, and can improve reception and conserve battery life.  And, compared to other cases, Pong's iPad case not only reduces cellular radiation exposure up to this level and Wi-Fi radiation exposure by up to 72 % percent but also can improve cellular signal strength by 10X, increase range, improve Wi-Fi reception, and accelerate cellular upload speeds.  

Developed by a team of PhD scientists trained at MIT, Princeton, Harvard and UCLA, all Pong cases are embedded with a multi-patented, ultra-thin flexible printed circuit board antenna that redirects and diffuses the electromagnetic radiation (EMR) that would otherwise be absorbed by the user's head and body. Now protecting people in more than 100 countries, Pong cases are easy to put on and take off, come in a rainbow of fashionable colors and styles and work anywhere in the world.

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