Women’s Circles

The Nourishing Tribe (Women’s Circle)

The Nourishing Tribe is a gathering of like-minded women who want to have the space to share their intentions, challenges, beliefs and aspirations in a sacred circle.

The purpose of the circle is to hold the space (and truly listen) to the fellow women in the group as they share their own story (we learn so much about ourselves through this process). As the facilitator of the group I will guide the circle through different themes.

This group is a combination of sharing, listening, personal development and growth. It is my objective for the women in the group to move closer to living their true purpose and having a more fulfilled and joyful life as a result.

What to expect over the 6 sessions

The group sessions will run every second week and usually run for 2 – 3 hours. Some of the workshops may cover the following (I tend to keep them flexible depending on the group):

  • Vision board workshop and Intention Setting
  • Cycles and Seasons
  • Relationships
  • Body Image
  • The Wish Game – Goal setting and answers (amazing game!)
  • Being in the present moment (reducing the noise and busy-ness)
  • Guest speakers
  • Alternative therapies or medicine evenings
  • The women’s group is for you if…

  • You want to get clear on your intentions and aspirations
  • You want to work on bettering all areas of your life
  • You want to let go of things that are not working in your life
  • You want to have a trusted space to be heard and respected
  • You want to be inspired and educated
  • You want to live a more authentic and meaningful life
  • You want to go deeper
  • The Women’s circle is not for you if…

  • You are looking for coaching and advice
  • If you don’t want to dig deep into whom you are
  • If you cannot respect others privacy and tend to want to discuss details of other women or the circle outside of the group.

    Holding the space

    means we listen and allow each other to speak without interferences or feedback. This can feel unnatural for many of us who are use to reassuring our female peers or advising them with their life struggles and joys. However holding the space for someone is a very powerful practice where the person shares their own inner dialogue to those in the group. This practice can be very therapeutic and can help move us all forward in our lives. Those holding the space may find they are going through similar feelings or emotions and this can trigger greater understanding in ourselves.

    That sounds scary?

    For many of us the idea of sharing our personal life with a group of women in a circle and speaking out in front of others is enough for us to exit stage right - I get this. I can assure you that there is no pressure to share – you are welcome to come and sit and hold space for others. You will be amazed at how when others around you are truly authentic about their lives it is almost impossible to not want to share about your own.

    Yes I promise it will be fun

    The women’s groups I run are not just about sharing your personal journeys. Some of the evenings involve this but many of them will follow a theme and have specific exercises, coaching activities, partner work all with the underlying objective of living a more fulfilled and purposeful life.


    In order to feel the trust and support of the group it is important to have consistency of group members. By this I mean the same people are present to support each other in their journey and go through the same series of workshops together. For these reason the course will be a 6 sessions over a 12 week period (with breaks over holidays).


    The cost for the course is $180 for 6 sessions with one bonus 7th sessions free for those who would like to join.

    Dates and location are TBC based on interest. A minimum of 10 people (with a maximum or 15 to keep it intimate) is required for each location. Please refer this on to friends and family to ensure a group is created in your area.

    If you are interested please email me at simone@nourishinghub.com.au

    Simone X

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